Things I am looking forward to (or aiming to do) in 2011 :)

In no particular order:

  • Richard Thompson concert later this month. Loved the new album, and this will be the  first time I’ve seen him with a full electric band. Should be a cracking gig.
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra concert in Febuary. I saw the new incarnation in  the Ed Festival year before last. Was great getting to hear all those lovely little tunes, as the original PCO was before my time. Glad to see the new lot are still going strong and returning to Edinburgh outside of the festival (and hence, cheaper tickets, longer concert, and a more reasonable start time!)
  • The Invisible Helpers debut gig and recordings. We were meant to be playing our first gig in December, but it was cancelled due to all that snow (seems to long ago now!). Norman seems to be dead keen to get the show on the road soon though, so I can’t imagine it’ll  be that long til we play. On a related note, we were in the recording studio yesterday laying the foundations down for two tunes. I’m quite excited to hear how they sound as more parts gradually get added.
  • Louisa’s first ice hockey match with the Beagals. Although I do worry a little, i can imagine it’ll be great fun to watch! I do hope she makes it through in one piece though!
  • Getting my Go Kyu past 20 on DGS. Shouldn’t be too hard, as long as I can avoid making stupid mistakes. Not playing Go for six years makes you careless!
  • Getting a 3rd journal paper accepted. Optimistic. And it’s been a while since I had a publication. But I there was more interest in my work than I expected at the Paris AVA meeting, so fingers crossed.
  • Continuing to improve my ‘cello playing. Here’s hoping that by the end of 2011, I’ll be better than I was in 2000! Eep. I’m really enjoying trying to play Brahm’s 1st cello sonata just now. And the Vivaldi sonatas.
  • Get more of my daft electronic solo music done. You never know, I might manage to do enough for a EP 🙂
  • The National Museum of Scotland reopening in the summer!
  • Potentially, a trip to Skye for a little Scottish Vision Conference around Easter.
  • The Big Chill, if I can persuade a few friends to come along 🙂
  • More hill walking with Ed. About time I walking up some Monroes.

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