Well well well. Another blog. I’m still here (more on that later).


Anyways, I thought I’d upload 5ives, as it’s about as finished as it’s ever going to get without a serious new source of inspiration. I hope to reuse some of the ideas at a later date. Maybe even pull it apart, rework it, and play it in a band. But for the time being, I’m calling it done.

5ives – Riadsala

There are two main ideas in this tune. The first one if the rhythm… each bar has 20 semiquavers. For the verse, these are divided into 4 beats with 5 semiquavers. For the chorus, these are grouped as 5 beats of 4 semiquavers. (Additionally, there’s a section near the end made up of 5 bars of 4/4). This gives the verse a half-swung feel, and a nice impression of a acceleraetion when you move from the verse into the chorus as the kick drum goes from every 5 semiquavers to ever 4.

The second idea, is much less realised, and is an attempt to do King Crimson0-style interlocking rhythm guitar parts. This stems from the short lived band with Matt and Doug. I loved the little demo sample that we recorded though, so I decided to keep it. Shame there was never a chance to develop it into something more fully realised. On the plus side, Norman does a good Fripp impression later on to keep things interesting 🙂

With thanks to:

Edlundart: vocals and guitars

Norman Lamont: guitar synth/soundscape

Matt Migdley: guitar sample in verse. (Originally from an early version of the tune that was going to be used for Cantor)



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