A Good Weekend

I have had a pretty good weekend.

The working week ended with well as i eventually puzzled out my PDE/ambiguity example thingy (more details once I’ve done some more research and carried out some experiments, etc). So next week I’ll be furthering my RenderMan programming skills and working out how to define and render a patch mesh surface. Should be pretty simple, once I figure out the syntax etc. So, a good Friday afternoon. Made up for losing at squash (3 games to 2!) earlier in the day.

Then home, bath, and a nice meal cooked by Louisa 🙂 And collecting more stars in Super Mario Galaxy! That game is huge amount of fun to play, although it does feel a little wrong that it’s so much fun to play as an adult.

Then a great start to Saturday… some new cds arriving in the post (The Crimson Jazz Trio Volume 2 (what a great version of Inner Garden) and Roy Ayers’ Everybody Loves the Sunshine). Then a trip into town, crepe for lunch! And I made some good progress figuring out scripting in Unity. My programming skills are slowing improving 🙂 And more ‘cello practise 🙂

Then catching up with Ali K, who finally got round to cooking a meal for me. Although, truth to told, the evening was a bit depressing… it felt a bit like a friendship past it’s peak. Which is a shame, as I like Ali’s company! Many a fun evening playing fun little tunes, then heading to the pub. Even if we weren’t so good at actually getting organised and playing anywhere worthwhile, we sure were good at talking about doing things! Am a little sad that it looks like we’ll never record properly: it would of been nice to have recorded a really good little album, a nice little keepsake. But hey, at least the last gig we played (March 2009 at the Listening Room) was good: probably the best gig I’ve ever played in terms of technique, musicianship, performance and enjoyment. And it was a  pretty solid hour long set of our best tunes. And most importantly, he’s always been a good friend. And, well, you never know, we might play together sometime in the future,  but it wasn’t raised in conversation at all. Mainly lots of climbing/bouldering talk that went over my head (that’s almost a pun there, see, see, eh!).

But hey, enough with the negative. The upshot of Saturday was Sunday’s rehearsal with Lindsay. After a slow start (mainly due to getting annoyed with myself about my lack of ability on the cello) I perked up and started enjoying myself. It ended up being the best jam yet. First of all, I’m slowly finding my way round the cello again, and finding my place in the band. Whereas AlKandAlC was mainly “two friends messing about on guitar and bass”, Lindsay has a much clearer idea of what she wants and I’m a little wary of making lots of suggestions. I think we have pretty different approaches to writing and arranging music, and enjoy very different aspects of it. But it feels like a balance is slowly being reached and while I can’t take any credit for it (as she might of come up with something even better if she had a cellist who could, you know, actually play!), Lindsay’s new songs have a lot of potential. Plus I seem to be getting on pretty well with Peter (the new violin player) and we’re going to at coming up with some ideas of our own sometime.

So, a bit nostalgic about the past, but the present is ok and the rest of the year is looking pretty good 🙂

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