Tried out a new cake recipe last night: chocfudgecake

So, I made some cake last night 🙂 (with help from Louisa who’s responsible for all the fudge decoration.

chocfudgecake 2

In non-cake news:

  • work progresses ok. Must the results for my thesis are all written up. Fingers crossed I’ll all be finished by the end of the year! I’ve also nearly finished revising Paper3, so that’s good too.
  • Cantor (band) progresses, albiet slowly. Getting fed up of failing to find the right drummer, Matt and I have come up with an incredible Plan B. Which is that Matt plays drums. Which means Doug has to learn most of Matt’s guitar parts, while i need to start playing Doug’s parts on my warr, while playing my old basslines. So, first up, I have to get the hang of playing a repeating 5/8 motief over a changing chord progression in 4/4. It hurts my head.

One Response to Cake!

  1. Dicky says:

    That cake looks amazing! Yum

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