Crikey, it’s nearly June already

This year is zipping along at a fair old speed. The 3rd year of my PhD is up mid June, and there’s no chance that I’ll be done in time. Not that that really matters, as I’m funded until mid December. And I really should at least of handed in a draft by then. Had a rotten few months but I’m hopefull that things are looking up.

So, what’s happened recently? Well, fuck all really. I’ve been kicked out of the Pussycats, a coup probably left by out chronologically challenged drummer. Turns out my “wanting everything to be good and in time” ethos doesn’t gel with the slightly more punk “lets just have fun.” Which is a bit of a shame. But hey, at least I don’t have to be party to a miniature equivalent of Phil Collins ruining Genesis* :p

The main downside is that I haven ‘t seen Ali for ages. Which is a shame. Miss playing with him, as it’s fun, a real pleasure to play his tunes.

On the plus side though, my own band (I guess I’ll get told off for calling it “my” band) is coming together. Talked Ed into having a go on drums with us and we’ve got a jam next week. Thought we’d pick a few covers to get started with… so overly optimistic as always, I’m learning: Three of a Perfect Pair (King Crimson), Shallow (Porcupine Tree) and Schism (Tool). Shallow is pretty easy, although I’m a bit out of pracitse on my bass in general, and rock bass specifically. Been, what, seven-eight years since I last rocked out properly? ToaPP is possibly the oddest most syncopated, yet groovey thing I’ve played. I dunno how Tony Levin came up with that bassline for the verse. Very cool. And Schism is a bitch. Or rather, I’m it’s bitch, until I get my old chops back. On the plus side, actually practising my bass again is fun as I’ve neglected them over the past year in favour of the Warr. Still, a lot of practise needed.

I’ve also been enjoying listening to some new cds, in particular: Mathias Eick’s The Door (ECM) and Lars Danilsson’s Tarantella (ACT). I guess Mathias Eick’s album is pretty much standard ECM issue: relaxed, melodic, expansive, etc. I really like it. Danielsson’s album is a bit more serious, but still full of lovely music. And lots of ‘cello is a plus for me. I’ll have to start practising mine again someday soon.

* You know, I might actually prefer the Phil Collins era Genesis. I know that I’m not suppposed to admit stuff like that. I will go do some research and get back to you.

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