Hello, guess things have been pretty quiet around here… tumbleweed.

So what’s been happening? Well, life seems to be sinking under the weight of, well, everything. Work has stalled a little, I think I need a new good idea: the last good idea is no longer working 😦 . AlKandAlC played our second gig of the year at the Golden Rule last week. Which was so-so. Ali’s mind has clearly been elsewhere (a lovely new girlfriend will do that to a man). And the pub, night, and atmosphere wasn’t as good at the Listening Room night at the Blue Blazer. And I’m resigning myself that the album won’t be getting recording anytime soon. Was good to meet Jennifer Concannon, who runs the night and is a talented singer.

What else? Cantor has kind of stalled. Lots of bits and pieces in the melting pot. We’re all interested in seeing what comes out, but figure it’s probably best to wait til Dougs exams are over. In the mean time Matt and I are going to work together and see what happens. πŸ™‚ The plan is to get a wee open mic set together. But we’ve pretty much had the same plan for a year or so now and nothing has happened yet. So we’ll see. So far we’ve jammed once and Matt managed to snap a string on the Warr. And I can’t find a suitable replacement in town, so guess I’ll have to order new strings from the US. On the plus side, I now have a cheap little volume pedal. Swells a gogo. Just need a nice reverb, delay and distortion pedal now!

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