Gigs, gigs and more gigs

20th Feb – The Als and the Pussycats at The Ark. 8pm.

Yeah, the Ark. I hope Ralph is doing the sound. Fingers crossed I can get a another live recording so we can hear what we actually sound like. Probably cost you £4 or there abouts.

22nd Feb – AlKandAlC at The Listening Room (Blue Blazer). 9pm.

Our first duo gig of 2009! Hopefully we can piece together a new set  this weekend. The evening starts at 8pm with some open mic acts, and Ali and I are on around 9pm. Free!

10th March – The Als and the Pussycats at Whistlebinkies. 11pm.

The first gig at Whistlebinkies for the cats.

There are also a couple of TBC AlKandAlC gigs in the comming month or so 🙂

Nothing else to see.

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