Upcoming AlKandAlC weekend (fingers crossed) and I Want a DS10!

Hello, the week’s gone so so so far (that is grammatically correct isn’t it?). Work is ebbing up and down. I’ve been givning the task of doing a preliminary lit. review for a new project/grant proposal my boss is thinking of submitting. Which is exciting in theory (lots of interesting research etc) but boring in practise (trying to find relevant lit. review). No doubt this will change by the end of the once I get a handle on the field.

I’m currently looking forward to the weekend! The Als and the Pussycats are playing the Cab this weekend. Which I have low expectations of. But because of this, I actually expect to be pleasantly surprised when I realise that we’re better than I give us/the rest of the band, credit for. Which will no doubt put me in a good mood. Not that I’m a bad mood just now. But you know.

Hopefully, Ali permitting, we’ll spend the weekend sorting out a set of duo material and making some progress on the album. Which i guess is about a 3rd done. Or nearly. Anyway, I want to keep it down to 40-45 minutes long which means we don’t have much to do as Sweet Moves, Stranger and Talk All Day are in pretty good shape. Add in the possibility of resurrecting the original Amy, with a new Jaco inspired fretless bass intro (I’ve got some new ideas, it’s just a matter of distilling them all into 30 seconds or so! Anyway, I think that will fit the vibe set up by the three tracks we’ve recorded so far. (Don’t) Come Look For Me will probably be on it too, as the token blues track, and I’m hoping to record a little ‘cello part for it. Then a couple of Trees, Car, Wolf, Sailor Song, She Cries, All Breaks Down, Who Needs Who, etc. Y’ know, Ali’s written a lot of good songs!

I made some good progress in learning Three of a Perfect Pair last night. No Cantor rehearsal tomorrow, (Matt’s birthday), but we should be back next week. 🙂

Amazon have Korg DS10′s back in stock! I really want one. Not sure if I can justify the money though. Not that it’s expensive by any means. Hmmm. Maybe it will provide the Pussycats with whatever it is I seem to think is missing. Or could be a secret weapon for Cantor. Hmmmmmm. Strokes beard.

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