You read it here first! (and some gloom)

I was amused to read this article in today’s paper. I managed to beat Monbiot’s blog by a good 5 hours. I really am on the ball aren’t I. :p

I’m starting to think there’s little point worrying about global warming, etc. Waste of time. The fact that the debate has changed from trying to stop global warming to what to do about “climate change” shows that all those in power admit that we’re just going to have to put up and hope for the best.

I do my bit as best I can. I’m pretty sure not having a car is one of the best things an individual can do. Sure, I need to get a lift or a taxi from time to time (bass amps are heavy), but it’s only about once a month. The rest of the time it’s bus or walk. And in the summer, cycle. 🙂  Sure, the bus service to campus can be frustrating, but, well, that’s just life. And I switch the computer off at work when I’ve finished with it (nobody else seems to though).

You got to feel sorry for the Polar Bears though. And most the population of the  world. But the politicans have shown again that they don’t listen to the people. And mass movements/protests haven’t had any effect on anything in a long time. Make Poverty History didn’t really work did it? Nothing changed. I assume things are actually getting worse as all the Western Countries will be putting themselves first in the fight against the Credit Crunch.  Trillions spent on bailing out banks, but fuck all for the biosphere? Likewise, what did the protest about the Iraq war result in? Public opinion was pretty against the whole thing. It still happened, and Labour got back into power. And even if they hadn’t, the Tory’s, who also supported the war (more so than Labour) would of been the victors. The whole thing is pointless. Even a simple policy like switching to energy saving bulbs is attacked by dodgy science claims in the papers.

We may well achieve the CO2 targets for the next few years. But only cause of dodgy counting and a global recession. As soon as the economy recovers from the recession, it will be business as usual. I  guess I should start saving up for a croft in the highlands to hide out from the rest of the world.

And on that note, I think I’ll go back to just blogging about my oh so exciting musical life, along with the odd PhD, and social life update. Stupid world.

ps. I just noticed that WordPress’s spell checker doesn’t consider “blogging” to be a word. Kind of ironic eh.

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