The Pussycats get a gig at the Cabaret Voltaire

Here’s a turn up for the books, it’s only the first week (working) week of Januray, and the band are off to a flying start. This is due mainly to Niki for deciding to try and make a go of things, something Ali K and I have failed to do for, what, 3, 4 years now (for some reason we seem content on playing 4,5 gigs at the Ark a year, an annual gig at the Jazz Bar, along with half recording a few songs every couple of months!).

So thanks for setting up the Myspace Niki, and thanks to Ralph for allowing (and mixing) the live shows to be recorded on my mp3 player – the live recordings have a lot more, well, earthly quality to them? If that’s not getting a bit pretensious. Lets just say they are better and leave it like that.

Anyway, as the post title suggested, the Pussycats will be playing at the Cabaret Voltaire (and here) at the end of the month.

This quite exciting, as I’ve haven’t played at the Cab’ before (although oddly, I have played a couple of gigs at the much larger Bongo Club). It’s a cool venue and I’ve seen some cool gigs there – Alice Russell, Jaga Jazzist are a couple off the top of my head. Sadly it’s gone a lot more indie/punk/rock in recent years, but hey, they’re letting is play, so all is good.

What else? I noticed today that my blog has passed 13000 hits. I mention this as I’ve just had to pay to renew the address, and the wordpress upgrade allowing me to host mp3s directly on the site. Anyway, 13k hits. That isn’t bad given that the blog contains little of interest. Ali tells me he likes reading it, and I’m sure Eddie keeps a close eye out for slander these days. So, I guess I should keep blogging into 2009 (watch out for an increasingly number of depressed posts as I enter the dreaded “writing up” stage of my PhD). I’m making a real effort in trying to finish some new solo/collab tracks just now. And i discovered an interesting collab website, so I might give that a shot too.

I guess that’s enough for now, back to work! I’ve got some AlKandAlC stuff to talk about too, but that will be saved for the next post 🙂

Have a good afternoon Ali (and anybody else who happens to be reading this).

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