I am an idiot (and don’t back up my data properly)

Doh. While carrying around the draft for my latest paper on a USB stick was great (as I was working on it at uni and at home), why on earth did I not back it up properly? The stick now wants me to format it, and all the data has vanished.


Take home message:

(1) Ali, please say you’ve backed up your phd. At least twice. As you’ve had enough set backs!

(2) I will back up the AlKandAlC recordings today. It will be a pain as my cd burner doesn’t work properly. Maybe it’s time to buy an extranal HD for such stuff.

On the plus side, going back to an old version has made it easier to get started, as I kind of know what needs changed, I haven’t lost much, and it’s far easier to read when I’m writing at the same time. Otherwise, I probably would of just skim read the whole thing a few times and not noticed any of the parts that need changed. And none of the graphs and matlab scipts have gone. So, I was lucky and it’s probably made me more productive.


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