Greetings from the new flat

Hello. After 18 months in morningside, we’ve (me and the lovely Louisa) have moved down the road. For a very small increase in rent, we’ve got a nice landlord and a nice big roomy top floor flat. Should be able to see across the Forth to Fife on a clear day! And there’s a Church across the road, which is nicer to look at. No more spying on the neighbours across the road :p (We could try spying on God, but I doubt he gets up to much, being fictional and all).

We’ve now got a couple of days to clean and polish the old flat in an attempt to get our deposit back from Alba (it’s nice to be free of them). I’m going to try recording Matt this evening to see how it sounds (there’s a possible EP in the works… seems like a good way to raise funds for a Blue Microphone (gear lust is a terrible thing…). I’m optimistic that this little project will go better than my last production job for Machar Granite (Eddie now sends me hate mail). Puzzling, but hey. I think Matt and I understand each other well enough to avoid such things. (Our friendship has survived me telling him that i don’t like his singing, etc, so I think we’re safe.). Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. I think mixing his guitar will be a challenge (you’ll no doubt hear why when we upload the results). Plus, he’s part returning the favour in the form of guitar lessons for Louisa. I’m looking forward to the day that she comes up with tunes herself and we can record them 🙂

What else? Oh, while packing everything away for the move, Louisa came across the Jaco Solo’s collection book she gave me for my birthday a few years back. Then complained that I hadn’t used it much. !!! Guess she doesn’t understand just how great Jaco is. Anyway, expect me to have a (very) ropey version of Portrait of Tracy in the near future.

Even more good news! It looks like my second paper is going to get through the peer review process with only a few minor revisions. This is great news! Even more good news! I have a band practise with the Als and the Pussycats on Sunday! And we have a gig on the 27th! Ali gave a helping hand on Saturday (much thanks! I owe you at least one beer!) – it was great to catch up and gossip again.

Things I want to do over the Christmas Holiday:

  1. Write a revised paper for resubmission to JoV. Shouldn’ take to long at all.
  2. Figure out a rough version of Portrait of Tracy on my fretless bass.
  3. Help Louisa with some artwork for the flat (best leaving most of it to her though as she’s far better than me at art work).
  4. Write some bleepy electronica in Fl Studio
  5. Finish the warr guitar tune I’m working on (I say tune, it’s more a part of a tune as you’d want other instruments on top to keep it interesting).

I guess that’s enough slacking off for now. I’ve got a mountain of sorting out and housework to do so I’d best get to it!

One Response to Greetings from the new flat

  1. The Worm That Turned! says:

    Hi, you don’t know me but I was interested to read of you Alba problems. Was your flat clean when you moved in? Did you return the inventory?

    There is a 90% chance that they will find something to keep part or all your deposit. (They have to pay for those ‘meter maids’ they send down to pay for rich landlords parking in George Street and for the Aston Martin the company owner drives).

    If they do, take it as far as you can. Challenge everything, go to CAB or speak to Letwise. They are getting a really bad reputation – especially since they left the Edinburgh Landlord Accreditation body set up by council.

    Goodluck, take a look at another blog I found about Alba too – I am not connected to it in any way but thought I would join these two dots that I have found on web. :o)

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