One Week Left in Morningside


Another cold morning. But a nice cup of coffee from the mathematics common room and listening to Dark Side of the Moon is making it more friendly. Which leads me to two points: (a) I hope the credit crunch doesn’t have a knock on effect on the mathematics and computer science department here as I’d hate for the free coffee to dry up. and (b) i think Dark Side of the Mooon is back to being my favourite album. I know it’s not an original choice by any means, but it’s like an old friend.

Had a good practise with Roger and Martin last night. Trying to accompany Roger is always a challenge, he’s got a habit of sprinkling odd time signitures throughout his songs, although he can never tell you exactly what he’s playing, or even if he’ll play it the same way twice. Really keeps you on your toes! And, as the odd rhythms are all melody lead they don’t really stand out, which is probably the right way to do it!

Also, the project with Matt (and now Doug) is going from strengh to strengh. Interlock is really coming along, and we’ve got a load of ideas waiting to be fused into a second song. Poor Doug is having a bit of a crash course in what it’s like to play with me – I suggested NST to him, which has slowed him down. And now I’m trying to weave Matt and Doug’s parts in the B section around each other. I guess it’s what GuitarCraft is all about. But being a humble (and poor) bassist, I’ll never really get the chance to find out. It sounds nice though, and a nice change from having both guitarist play the same bloody thing, or the usual lead/rhythm split.

I’m also making some more progress in Schoenberg’s Theory of Harmony. The book is very wordy and tough going – he spends time justifying all the “rules” and some of the arguments can be quite dense. Lots of stuff about fundamentals. He also spends pages pointing out that the rules aren’t really rules as they’re all broken all the time. etc. Anyway, I’ve learnt quite a bit – I never knew that while the 1st inversion of a chord (3rd on bottom – confusingly called the sixth chord) can be used interchangeably with the usual one, the 2nd inversion (5th on bottom – six-fourth) can’t. The reason being that there’s greater harmonic agreement between the 5th and the root, which leads to ambiguity as to what is actually the root when the 5th is in the bass. Thinking about it, despite being surprised (as I would of guessed the opposite) when reading this, I’ve known about it as a bassist for a while. I frequently play the 3rd in the bass on Ali’s songs, but the 5th doesn’t seem to work as well. So there you go.

I should make the effort to read the next chapter and finally learn how to modulate properly. Then hopefully some of the more juicy harmonies will get explained (so far, only dimished and 7th chords have been added to the basic triad). Then, I’ll have to practise writting and arranging 4 part harmony for my warr guitar.

Man, that was long winded. But matlab is still going….

What else? The xbox RRODed. Bad timing as I can’t send it away to get fixed as we’re moving next week, so I’ll have to wait til then. Which means it will get caught up in Christmas post. Ah well. I’ll play with FL Studio some more. Bad electronica here i come. 🙂

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