Progress on the Home Front

November 19, 2008


What a good day. I was expecting to be busy with jury duty, but I wasn’t needed. So working at home. And what a productive week it has been. I’ve got a really nice elegant image processing algorithm for foveal vision. (Well, I think it’s a nice approximation). And my big model is coming along. And the simple random model will hopefully give me a paper too. So after a month or two of being lost in the great PhD wilderness, everything is back on track 🙂 Hopefully there won’t be any more problems between now and the end (middle of next year if I’m on time, which is unlikely as nobody seems to finish on time).

In other news, I’m moving flat next month. The amazing Louisa and I are heading away from sunny Morningside (we’ll miss Waitrose!) down to Viewforth. Top floor flat. Nice view. Proper kitchen. Plesant landlord. No useless estate agents (yes Alba, I’m looking at you. You’re useless. Really useless. You rip tenant off charging nearly £200 in admin fees, then fail to do any work on the property in a reasonable way or time. Sending somebody round with a tub of polyfiller does not count as fixing the floor. I could do that myself if I wanted. You’re useless. Making people wait 4 months (and counting) to carry out basic work… , etc. Anyway, you are fucking useless).

Where was I? oh yes. New flat. Great stuff. It’ll even have a room to funciton as my music studio. 🙂 [Although Louisa has informed me on several occasions that the room is her study. Plus there’s a bed in it, so I guess it’s also Ali K’s guest room] What else? Oh yes, it’s not mouldy. And the kitchen isn’t box sized.