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I thought it was about time to write another little post…. it’ll give me a 5 minute break from paper writing (which has been suprisingly productive, but more on that later). So, what’s been happening. hit more to find out.

First off, the American Election. I don’t have much to say about it beyond “Well done the Americans”  but as every other blog on the ‘net is going on about it I thought I’d join in. The whole thing has made me even more fed up with the useless politicians we have in this country. Although the nice local Tory-boy did send me a letter to thank me for sending his questionnaire back to him. Even though I said I would never vote for him and that I don’t trust Cameron at all. It looks like the population at large are stupid enough to vote them in next time anyway, so I guess he doesn’t really care about my point of view. Not that the Tories can be much worse than Labour. But at least Brown isnt a smarmy git. In an ideal world, the Lib Dems would be a decent party, but i can’t see that happening anytime soon. Maybe if they got rid of Lembit? Oh, and was it just me, or was Mr Salmond being somewhat crude trying to co-opt Obama mania last week? Obama: ran for president with the idea of togetherness/trans-race. Where as Mr Salmond wants to divide the country up and complains about the English.

Right, on to happier note: The Modern Blues (i.e. Roger’s band) is back. Currently with the classic guitar/bass/drums format. Will be fun if it keeps going long enough so we can rock out in a few gigs. Roger’s mentioned something about some paying gigs, which would be nice. I need a new coat! And I want an expensive effects board for me Warr…. and studio headphones… ho-hum, and the shopping list continues.

On a sadder note: the AlKandAlC album is still not done. Technical difficulties stopped anything other than the reording of guide tracks. But still, I can now have fun fitting fruitloops to the songs. We’re going a touch 80! Well, a little. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we fail to gig again til ’09. Which is a big shame, as we must of been on our best form for the jazz bar gig last week!

On another sadd note: I think the Skua is dead. Haven’t spoken in a week, recording sessions have been cancelled, and I’m really not sure I can be bothered with the terms of the collaberation. Sure, the three tracks that are almost finished sound good, but process is no longer fun. I guess I’m too used to Ali’s oddly accepting nature (he usually seems pretty happy with anything!) and past collaberations with Jan and others.

On a happier happier happier note, the imaginary side-project with Matt is now somewhat less make belive. We’re slowly working on 4 (no, now 5!) tracks. We’ve passed the girlfriend SOA (Louisa thought we sounded nicer than she expected). And yesterday Matt invited another guitarist along, Doug (Doug who? I dunno). Who had a lovely lovely 1970’s tele. And make cool noises. I’m tempted to go with the Alasdair Clarke String Trio (yes, I know, Fripp got there first with his quintet, but it’s a cool name, and if we’re 1/10th as interesting as RFSQ then we’re doing well!). So, where was I? Oh yes, my band. Warr and acoustic, with maybe an electric guitar too. And a singer.

Does anybody know a good singer?

Preferably female, as we reckon a girl singing will do a better job at distracting the listeners from the fact that Matt and I are trying to get away with musical murder. A girl signing wil mean less Dream Theatre/bad-prog comparisons too hopefully. And hopefully provide us with a little more cool, Otherwise it’s going to be a very geeky modulation 7/8 sort of band.

This is a long blog isn’t it? Well, I’m back to writing. The All New Paper 3! Even thought I still havent heard back from the reviewers about Paper 2! Exciting huh. PhD is generally going well this week… I’ve figured out how to progress my model in a sensible way… and novel! So I’d beter get working 🙂

Alasdair out.

ps. Singers? Anybody? And drummers? Get in touch!

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