Me. Want. More. Gigs.


just played two surprisingly good gigs with Al. I honestly don’t think AlKandAlC have played so well together since, well, probably ever. I really like our set, possibly our strongest, (despite no Sailor Song!). Guess Ali K’s song writing is getting stronger and stronger. I think it may be a confidence thing: two of the best new songs are very short, which is maybe Ali’s strong point. And he seems happier and more comfortable with his songs. (Does that make sense? Probably not). Anyway Wolf is cool, although I really do have to sort out my bass solo at the end (or find somebody else (Lucy?) to play it!). Sweet Moves is a cool track too. Shame it’s so short, but it’s good to leave people wanting more I suppose.

So, first gig was last Saturday, at a Ceilidh. Which was great fun. The proper band were great, and suprisingly, we seemed to go down pretty well in our short set. Even had people dancing to Car (and who can blame them). So a big thanks to SEAD for asking us along to play.

Second gig was last night, at the Jazz Bar, probably my favourite place to play. We had the daunting task of following  Carrie MacDonald who was one of the best singers I’ve seen for a while. Very good voice and solid guitar playing. (I think she’s exactly who Matt and I want for our stagnent musical side proejct. But somehow, I imagine she has better things to do than play with a muppet with a 10 strong guitar).

Thirdly. Oh, there isn’t a thirdly. Well, Roger’s trying with the Modern Blues again tonight. So we’ll see how that goes. After the previous attempt (no show by the potential drummer twice in a row) I’m not that enthusiastic. But there’s a new new drummer this time, so I’ll keep an open mind. At worst, it’ll get me some practise with a new drummer, and maybe some gigs. Good practise playing “normal” bass. (as opposed to all the psuedo-melodic stuff I do with Ali, or the nonsense on the Warr Guitar). At best, well, kick ass solid rock/blues combo. With paying gigs. So, like I said, I’ll see what happens.

No more Ali anytime soon. Which is sad. It still suprises me how well we get one. Ali must be very laid back to let me mess around with his songs so much! I’ll have to try and sort out another gig as we’re playing really well, but knowing us, we’ll do nothing for a couple of months and have to relearn the songs again!

Although…. I am making progress with the AlKandAlC album. Word of wanring: in a moment of madness, Ali said I’m try out any ideas that I like as far as production goes. So I did. In a moment of madness, I decided going back to the decade of our birth, yes people, the 1980s. If John Martyn can lose all his fans by playing around with drum machines and synths, then so can we. And we have less fans to lose in the first place! Worryingly, in a third moment of madness, Ali approved my plans. Slushy electric pianos and cheese synths here we go!!!

I’m also going to be finishing recording Eddie’s Machar Granite EP next week hopefully. I’m not getting to add anything much to the recordings, but it’s good ear training … mixing multitracked vocals and several guitar acoustic guitar parts on my monitors. (Saying that, it will no doubt be useless ear training giving the odd method Ali and I have devised for recording his guitar… oh why oh why do we keep messing things up for no reason. well, it’s fun I suppose).

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