Recording Machar Granite


thought I’d do a little blog… extend my lunch break by 10 minutes in the hope that my mug of tea sorts out my headache. (Then back to the joys of lit. reviewing. 10k words and counting… although a lot of them are headings, and copy and paste quotes from pdfs. And 5 pages of references).

Anyway, I thought i’d let people know that I’ve been recording some tracks for my friend Eddie (who’s the other half of the slowly evolving Skuas project). You can have a listen to what we’ve done so far at the Garden Edinburgh page.

We’ve done two tracks, plus Outskirts, which Eddie had recorded previously and elsewhere. We might be re-recording it in order to get a more coherent sound, we might not. I think there’s also an instrumental that should hopefully be recorded next month, to round off a nice little EP.

I’m quite happy with my recording efforts. Which pretty much zero creative input (I did get to add marimba/vibes and a simple synth part and a simple beat to Contours) it’s been a good test of my mixing skills. I think I’ve done a pretty good job too, given the number of multi-tracks vocals Eddie wanted to do. Not sure about my thoughts on multitracked vocals. They sound good in a way, but hmmm. not sure whether they are just a cheap and easy way to get a fatter sound. Good for backing vocals when you only have one backing singer then. But for lead vocals? I think I’d maybe prefer a truer reflection of the singer’s voice.

No bass on these tracks either. Which means I’m really enthusiastic to do a proper AlKandAlC recording before the year ends. I’m pretty pround of some of my basslines for Ali’s songs… I like to think they’re interesting, and add some more musical ideas, without being too flash and attenton seeking. I could be deluding myself though. While taking about Ali, he now has his own myspace… preparing to set himself up on his own I guess. Sad, but inevitable. We should have a few final gigs to go. And I’m making another attempt to get a musical project with Matt going (if you know any singers or drummers who would fancy joining in, let me know).

Right,  back to my lit. review.


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