Two Recommendations: Scoosh and Lizzy Parks

Hello avid blog reader

Only a quite post here, as I’m still trying to keep afloat in lit. review land….

But still, a new cd, Raise the Rook by Lizzy Parks is great. Produced by Nostalgia 77, one of my favourite artists on Tru-Thoughts. Kinda quirky female vocalist jazz music? Hmmm. But produced by Nostalgia 77, so it’s got a cool dark, yet light undercurrent. Hmm. i’m not very good at this. Or maybe, I am. I have to start using more pointless adjectives, and then I’m well on my way to being a music journalist. Most music journalists are rubbish anyway… if they were actually any good, they’d be on the radio rather than writing crap reviews in newspapers.

A second, more coherent, point to make: Schoosh in Bruntsfield is a great little shop. I took back the broken umbrella I bought for L yesterday, and they gave me a new one, no questions asked. Good customer service eh. Pays well, as I’ll be sure to have a look in the shop when Christmas come around.

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