Leucocyte – Esbjorn Svennson Trio – My Review

The final album by E.S.T. (as Ebjorn Svensson tragically died earlier this year) is brilliant. And somewhat suprising. Ever since i first started listening to them, with Good Morning Susie Soho, then followed by Strange Place for Snow, Seven Days of Falling, Viatcum and Tuesday Wonderland, the trio have been refining their winning forumla. Each album build upon the strenghs of the earlier ones, but they also kind of replaced them. With Leucocyte however, well, it’s a swirling blend of beuty and chaos, along similar lines as some of the secret tracks on their previous albums. While other bands seem to have tried to copy the EST forumla in recent years, nobody has come close to matching them. Piano jazz rock fusion I guess. They make a lot of rock bands look dull 🙂 I’ll give up trying to sound intelligent now. But hey, E.S.T.’s last album is on course to be my album of the year. (And that’s including Portishead’s Third and McMurtry’s Just Us Kids).

And now, I should probably go check on Matlab….. nope, it’s still not finished.

I have a rotten cold. I blame Louisa. Who blames the freshers.

Work’s going a little better though.

The Skuas Project is progressing, slowly, but at least in the right direction.

AlKandAlC aren’t up to much. Played a great wee gig on Sunday, (although made our usual number of mistakes) but unfortunatly don’t have any more gigs til November. I hope we can get some tracks recorded, try and sort out a really good nice little EP before the year ends, but I’m not sure if that will happen.

The band, now entitled The Als and the Pussycats are still jamming every week or two. We’ve sorted out a couple of (old) new tunes to add to the set. But we’re still having a collective failure to organise some gigs. Och well.

I think I’ll have a nice cup of tea while listening to the last two tracks of Leucocyte before having a play on my ‘cello while Matlab does its stuff.


5 Responses to Leucocyte – Esbjorn Svennson Trio – My Review

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