A return to fencing: tired, sick and fed-up

Ho-hum. Had a really bad night’s sleep last night. Darn mice. Why won’t they go away. Or at least be quiet. Anyway, that set me up for a miserable morning at work. Which isn’t going well anyway. I’ve definitely entered the “Ali K” phase of my PhD. Sigh. And it was going so well…

So, I gave up on the lab and headed back to my parents to ask the dogs for advice. Which kind of helped as I managed to get some notes down and have a bit of a clearer idea of what I should do next. Although, sadly, only what I should do for my work. 😦

Then I headed down to my old fencing club: exercise is meant to be good for making you feel better about things. Anyway, needless to say, as I haven’t really been fencing since around 2003, I’m slightly out of shape. On the plus side, I managed to fit into my little brothers trousers. With room to spare! So I can’t be that much of a fat bastard! On the down side, it wasn’t long til my leg muscles started to go. Followed by my hand cramping up. I think I’m going to have a blister on a finger tomorrow and an aching left leg. 😦

Tomorrow isn’t going to be fun. At least I have a vague idea about work though. I really hope things settle down over the next week. It would be lovely to be able to settle into day to day life for the autumn .

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  1. cant download apps on google play

    A return to fencing: tired, sick and fed-up | Riadsala’s Blog

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