Off to the Netherlands

ouch. That’s the alarm set for 4:00am. 😦 Taxi booked for 4:30am. Plane at 6:00am.

On the plus side, I’ll get to Amsterdam in plenty of time for a look see before having to head to Utrecht for the Perception Lecture: Exploring motion in depth with the dichoptoscope. I don’t even know what a dichoptoscope is. I feel a little out of my depth. My knowledge of perception and psychology are about equal to my knowledge of Computer Science. Which is somewhat worse than my abltiy to spell properlely.

Ah. I miss the good old days. Blackboard, chalk, algebraic geometry, and coffee. Shame i never truely got to grips with algebraic geometry, but I guess I did a good job on the coffee front.

So, The Netherlands. Cool name for a country. if anybody has some tips for things to check out, please let me know! (post a comment here!, I’ll no doubt find a web cafe). I’ve been too busy worrying about my presentation – 9am monday morning! I think that’s 8am Edinburgh time! Better not drink (much) Sunday night. On the plus side, most the talk relevant to me are in the same session as mine, so I’ll be all conferenced out my end of play Monday. So I’ve packed a couple of novels….

Oh, Skuas is going great! And  I bought Fl Studio, which makes musicing so much more fun 🙂 And I’m slowing getting better at my warr and ‘cello.

Right, I’m off to look blankly at powerpoint and worry.

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