AlKandAlC Gigs (and EP) and the birth of Skuas


First up, gig plug! Hope some of you can make it along. Am really looking forward to an old-styleee duo gig with Ali. And then on Sunday, first gig for the band with the new expanded line-up. Hope it goes well!

In other exciting news, I have a new “studio” project with Eddie, called “Skuas.” Hopefully we’ll have the first track up and finished soon. First, I have to sort out the drum track! It’s been a while since I’ve done such in depth electronica properly and it’s taking me a wee while to get back up to speed with drum programming and reaktor. I think I should get some new tricks and toys to play about with too. 🙂 Wish I could justify buying some more NI goodies. If I order quickly using my credit card, download, then forget it won’t seem like I’m spending money will it? Am reluctant to use warz again though: I feel the limitations help the creativity. And if I bittorrented stuff, I’d just spend all day playing with Absynth. Which, may be fun, but won’t help me sort out the drum tracks for the EP. Anyway, why spend money when I’ve just been reunited with my ‘cello. And I still have the warr guitar to master.

Where is Jan when you need him, eh?!?

Anyway, keep a look out for some Skuas stuff. Still finding my feet with Eddie: working out what he likes and doesn’t like, etc. So far, he seems to be encouraging me to go more and more leftfield. Which is good 😀

Oh, and the “pre-release” AlKandAlC recording, The Emily and Amy EP, is up on I say “pre-release” as it’s not as good as I’d of liked. Tempo ebbs and flows like the tide, some mixing issues, and my bass solo is pants. Och well. There’s always next time!


ps. Can anybody sell me an extra 5 hours per day?

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