The Big Chill 2008

Had a great time, lots of fun, and saw lots of good music. A few downers though.

Good things:

The weather.

Camille. Great quirky singer with a cool backing band.

The Fake Moon (where was the real moon though?)

The Big Warm

Matthew Herbert’s Big Band. Brilliant set. Great fun to watch. 😀

Real ale

And also:

very clean portaloos

nice food. Expensive, but no worse than Edinburgh festival prices)

The music. Bands that i saw and liked:

Spiro (like a folky version of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra)

Angus and Julia Stone (far more interesting than I thought they were going to be! Maybe the Al and Al Band will get that good one day)

Little Dragon

Matthew Herbert’s Big Band (mentioned twice as they were great).

Rosion Murphy (who was great)


The Blessing

Lykke Li

TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio

Orchestra Baobab

John Shuttleworth

Imagined Village


The Bays & The Heritgae Orchestra

Not so good things

Noisey twats setting up camp at 2am Thursday night.

An increase in the number of wasted teenagers.

Not as relaxed as in 2005 and 2006.

Crampy camping. There wes plenty of space available, but people still set up tents right next to ours. And somebody stood on my stove 😦

Too much litter.

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