A Very Musical Weekend


That was a pretty busy weekend. Practise with the band Sat morning. Things are starting to fall into place, fingers crossed the recording date next month will go smoothly! Then in the afternoon, I had a little jam with Sylvain. It’s been ages since I’ve last played with him. I’d forgotten how much fun it is. Although it’s hard work keeping up with him, not much time to think. And it really drags me out of the comfort zone I’ve built for myself due to playing with Ali so much! I’ll have to brush up on my afrobeat chops and grooves.

Then Sunday, I spent the morning trying to get better on my warr gutiar. Came up with another little fragment of a tune. Never know what to do with them 😦 Then in the afternoon, Ali and I had a little (acoustic) jam before heading round to some sort of get together of some local musicans. Seemed a really nice, and talented, bunch of people. I’m flattered I got an invite! Hopefully we might put some good gigs on sometime soon.

Then, after chatting (and some drinking) i rushed down the hill to Coloursound to jam with Roger as part of the revivial of the Modern Blues/ETC. Which went pretty well. Then back home, fall asleep.

And now I have another jam with Ali this evening. 🙂

On top of all of this, I’m hoping to finish off the latest electronica/nonsense tune I’ve been working on. One day….

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