Coming Attractions: Eric Bibb and Pentangle

Hello. Windy day for a cycle along the canal today. All good exercise I suppose. Anyway, there are some good gigs coming up. Next Saturday Eric Bibb is at the Queen’s Hall. An acoustic, folk, blues sorta guy from what I know. Paul Jones on BBC R2 plays him quite a bit. I don’t know much of his music, but what I’ve heard, I really like.

Then next month, Pentangle are playing a reunion gig. 40 years from their famous concert in the Royal Albert Hall. It’ll be another welcome opportunity to see the wonderful Danny Thompson – joint first with Jaco for my favourite bassists.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Oh no. Al and I are making another attempt to hit the open mic circuit in Edinburgh. We’ve booked studio time for the band at the end of July so hopefully we’ll soon have a EP that we’re proud off. Then, just in time for my birthday, I’m shooting off down to Malvern for the Big Chill. Hope it’s sunny again. Too much going on there to mention, so I’ll do another post about that when I have some more time to waste.

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