Edinburgh to Linlithgow

Phew. I finally got round to cycling from Moringside, Edinburgh, to Linlithgow via the Union Canal. The beauty of canals is that they are flat. And off-road. So once you get out of town, onto the quieter streches, you can relax and watch the West Lothian countryside pass by.

Plus, I spotted a few places that would make for a good destination, namely the Bridge Inn at Ratho and the Park outside Linthlithgow… I was really tempted to stop and have some food and a beer… Anyway, a really nice 20 mile cycle. If the weather is nice next weekend I’ll consider doing it again. You can see canal in this map, but you have to zoom in a fair bit… following the canal is definiatly a lot further than zooming up the motorway.

In other news, Roger is making sounds, it looks like The Modern Blues might be coming back from, it not the dead, then a year long hibernation (briefly broken with the short lived line up two with Aki, Andy, and a drunken Henry’s gig). It’ll be interesting to see how it’ll pan out this time, Roger’s got a strong set of songs that, with the right rhythm section, could form a really rocking set.

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