Charlie Brooker’s Column in the Guardian

An amusing article, and some of the comments are really funny. Some choice quotes:

“New Labour have managed to combine the very, very worst of all possible worlds: they really have convinced themselves that their particular brand of socialism – everyone working for Tesco – is somehow akin to some leftwing, co-operative Nirvana.”

Gordon Brown or David Cameron in 2009? Sounds like a choice of whether you’d like your left bollock chopped off or the right. Personally I think I might see if there’s a nice little island I can move to after then next election.”

“I am northern and am willing to dispel the myth that northerners are lazy by walking barefoot carrying a backpack full of bricks to wherever the fuck you live darn sarf to punch you in the face.”

“As I see it, Gordon deserves a 6/10, if not a 7/10 for substance. He’s just saturnine, dour and appallingly bad at self-publicity. Personally I like that in a PM – I don’t want another grinning clown who wants to be my friend and emote with me, I want someone who understands macro-economic trends and has the humility, or even hesitancy, not to declare war on anyone without a pretty good reason. But I can see that it doesn’t go down too well with no-brain media types. Still, any recovery will inevitably still be shaky in 2010. So do we want a man in charge with, by that time, 13 years’ experience of managing the economy, or do we want George Osborne? I know who I’ll be voting for.”

I totally agree. I will laugh when Osbourn messes up the economy. I’m sure they will “blame Labour” for the first 4 years and snatch a second term.

Cameron will want to be like Blair and so will start a few wars, he will get on like a house on fire with President John McCain.

Milliband will fail to win, and resign in 2014, being compared to William Hague. Ed Balls will take over as leader of Labour.

We will then run out of oil I expect and the Greens will get in.”

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