Tired Legs and the rest of the weekend.

Well, another good band practise this morning. Had a good walk down the hill with Ali. Seems like stress is getting to him, but he’d cheered right up once we got a coffee from the elephant house. Oh, and excitingly (!) my Swedish EBS Multicomp arrived at 8:30am today, just in time for me to try it out in the band practise.

The compressor works a treat, now i just need to decide on a tone i like from my fretted bass and the amp in Banana Row…. I’m looking forward to trying it out with my warr later today, once I have enough energy. The latest collab track with Bard is going really well. Hopefully getting Matt to come and lay down some guitar solos for it tomorrow 🙂 Rock on! Unfortunatly, I still have the somewhat tedious process of coming up with a finished arrangment! Somewhat tricky when there’s only one verse and a chorus.

As to the rest of the weekend, well, drink some tea and rest my legs. Walking all the way down the hill to Banana Row only to stand up for three hours holding a guitar, to then walk back up the hill, suprisingly tiring.

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