Ah, finally, some nice weather. Which meant I could start me week off with a nice cycle to campus yesterday morning. Easily beats sitting on a bus…. good exercise, and the canal is pretty nice for the most part. (You just have to watch out for kids with air rifiles sniping from the flats in Wester Hailes). I guess I’m pretty lucky having a nice cylce route to work and back 🙂

What’s more, after cycling in, I found a nice email in my inbox informing me that I’ll be giving a talk at the European Conference on Visual Perception. Scary stuff!

So, that was a nice start to the week. And I’ve been celebrating the nice weather by trying to work out some nice, and interesting, ways of playing Summertime on my Warr. And jamming it with Ali. Early days yet, but hopefully i can work out a nice little version to post here. So stay tuned.

In other news, the Al and Al band (Al et al anybody?) are set for a practise on Monday followed by a gig, at Henry’s Cellar Bar, on Wednesday 14th, around 9pm apparently. Probably cost you £4 and will possibly be your last chance to see us for a little while (unless we find somewhere else worthwhile to play, but otherwise next gig will likely be our return to The Ark sometime in July hopefully).

Guess that’s about it. Will hopefully be hitting an open mic or two with Ali over the next few weeks; working on a collaboration with Bard (with a kick ass warr bassline, even if I do say so myself); continuing to plot and plan with Dan; and more practise on the Warr Guitar (am getting callouses all over the place now! Eeeep).

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