Two Good Gigs on a Trot

Wooo. After the nice jazz bar gig, Al and I – with the help of Niki – managed to play a second good gig, this time at The Ark (which is rapidly becoming one of the best small venues to play in town).

So kudos to Dave for organising it, thanks to Niki and Lucy for playing so well, and next up is Fresh, Lothian Road, on the 26th. We have a facebook group and everything. I’m pretty sure the gig will be free too. Although there’s a good chance the resulting performance might reflect the cost as the sound set up isn’t as good and we get paid in beer 🙂 And it’s on a Saturday night. So expect some woozy bass playing.

in other news:

  • Hopefully getting the acoustic EP finished off by summer. (Ha, yeah right). But it would be nice… I have renewed enthusiasm for the old AlKandAlC duo after the jazz bar gig…
  • Hopefully figuring out some more stuff to play on my warr… got plenty of ideas. But time is always an issue (ie, there is never enough of it).
  • PhD is going well. Which is nice.
  • I’ve pre-ordered the new Portishead album 🙂
  • Weather is still crap.
  • Plans are still afoot to do something with Gamble, Gamble and Drever. Possibly involving the remaining 2/3rds or my trio (ie, me and Matt). Not sure yet. It would be fun to hook up and jam. Just not sure how, when or where.

Hopefully see you at Fresh on the 26th.

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