An Eclectic Playlist of Songs I’ve Love to Play (and why I dislike the RHCP)

Very bored at uni this week…. I’m trying to finish off all the annoying loose bits and bobs for my paper. Dull and tedious. Playing around listening to lots of music on has made things slightly more interesting though 🙂 And at the same time, Ali is pondering what the final song for the set list should be for the band.

I thought I’d come up with my own set list. If I had my own band. To play any covers that I threw at them. Oh yes. Sadly there are a few missing tracks as they don’t seem to be on Such as some of Peter Gabriel’s more cheese pop tunes 🙂

Anyway, expect the list to slowly  grow as I ever so slowly edge towards finishing my paper…

PS. I think my two fav tunes just now are “Cooksferry Queen” by Richard Thompson and “If You Want Me To Stay” by Sly Stone. Both make me want to start dancing around my lab with a big smile on my face. Which would no doubt piss off the rest of the lab. Oh well, at least I’m smiling… Al, Al, Al, can we cover one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. (Come on Lucy and Niki, back me up here…). I’m thinking maybe Cookseferry Queen would be be better suited (with Roger guesting on harmonica!) but I know I for one would pay good money to hear (and see) Ali K do  Sly Stone impression…

PPS. The Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of “If You Want Me To Stay” is a crime. How can people like that band? They’re bland, dull and soulless. They more or less play the original version but manage to lose everything that makes the song brilliant. It doesn’t make me smile. It’s boring. Listen to the original and tell me that it doesn’t make you smile. And tap your foot. And nod your head. Come on, I dare you.

PPPS. There really isn’t very good Chapman stick or Warr guitar music out there. But I’ll maybe save that for another post. And see if I can start an argument with the tapping community! Watch this space.

PPPPS. Question: Does blogging make you more opinionated?

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