Ramble: Windows Live. AlKandAlC. Last.fm.

Only a short blog this one. I just wanted to find out if the new Windows Live Writer is worth using. So far I’m not too impressed

For some reason it is making me type in a very narrow column which only fits four words to a line. I guess a plus point of this is that it makes my pointless drivel look like poetry. But it’s hardly the most efficient use of space in  GUI… Ah, clicking on some of the random buttons sorted it out. Back to normal. Still, I’m not sure what this program will do that the nice WordPress interface can’t do.

Had another AlKandAlC band rehearsal yesterday. Was great fun and everything is starting to sound tighter now. In case you’ve forgotten, we have some upcoming gigs:

12th March – Bannermans

AlKandAlC (with friends) + Dougal’s Band (I don’t know their name) + I Hear Echoes

£TBC. Please come along. And stay out late. As we’re apparently playing last (usually known more positively as headlining, but given that it’s a school night I imagine most of us boring PhD types will be off to sleep by the time we start!). This will be the first proper (as in fully rehearsed) gig for the AlKandAlC band. AlK will be on electric and AlC will be fretted. If his fretted bass is fixed in time. Oh, the tension.

2nd April – Exposed @ The Jazz Bar

Carrie MacDonald + Smith Stevens + Jonnie Downie + AlKandAlC

£2. This will we us back to playing acoustic. Well, Ali will be acoustic, I’ll be plugged in as usual. But back on my fretless.

13th April – The Ark

Light And Sound + AlKandAlC (with friends again!)

£TBC. Oh, I just noticed these Light and Sound people are doing a proper tour. And playing all around the country. Cor blimey. Obviously their band isn’t made up of PhD students.


While doing all these public service announcements, here are a few more:


AlKandAlC are on Last.fm

You can click our little link here and see our profile page. Or you can try this embedded last.fm radio which may or may not work:

5th March – The Ark ThreeThirteen (Niki’s band)

£5. Niki’s the drummer for the AlKandAlC band and Three Thirteen is his usual band.


5th March – Blue Wednesday @ The Forest Cafe

£Free. Not sure who’s playing this month.

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