It’s Finally Friday Evening…

Ahhhhh. Finished. That was a very boring day… sorting out all the fiddly bits in my revised paper. All the paragraphs that I’ve been putting off all week as I wasn’t sure what to say! Anyway, done now, and I have a fun weekend to look forward to 🙂 

First off, go to shops, buy some nice food (and beer!). Then relax, and maybe spend a while practising guitar 🙂

Tomorrow morning may see a first for me… a band (Al and Al) rehearsal at 10am! Seems like the plan is to meet on the corner of the Meadows and walk down, stopping for coffee and muffins along the way 😀

Fingers crossed the rehearsal is a good one as we have a gig on the 12th at Bannermans with a couple of other bands. I guess this is our second gig but the first one doesn’t really count as it was in a wee pub and we couldn’t hear one another. And this time Lucy has a pick up for her fiddle! Then our third gig is a month later on the 13th April at the Ark. (We’re playing at the Jazz Bar on the 2nd April too, but probably as a duo).

Then, lunch and shopping is planned for after the rehearsal.

And sunday sees the third rehearsal for “my other band.” Hehe, so much fun and so confusing 🙂

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