Another Disappointing Forest Gig


Sigh. When will Al and I ever learn: playing a gig at the Forest will never live up to expectations. It’s a nice place, but the sound is always crap on stage.

What’s more, rather than learning from our mistakes and making sure we can at least see each other to communicate we actually go and make things worse by getting a guest singer to stand in between us. Doh. It meant that while I could at least hear myself, I could hear next to nothing of what Al was playing. This meant I had to stay in time by listening to him tapping his foot loudly. Which means i kept on forgetting where in the song i am. And as an added bonus, only being able to hear yourself quickly leads to worrying about whether you’re too loud, etc.

I’m not trying to make excuses for my stupid mistakes, everybody does them no matter what. I’m just a little disappointed… last time we played (at Whistlebinkies open mic night) I had a big grin on my face after playing as it sounded really good on stage. I hadn’t played any better or worse, it’s just more enjoyable when you can relax and enjoy playing the music

Ah well. Listening back to the recording from the PA, it’s a better than I though.  I don’t know why Ali’s guitar sounds so crap though. Guess it needs some eq and a little reverb or something. The new new song (currently titled Back To The House) sounded pretty good (not counting the intro).

And on a more positive note: it was great to have some guest singers. Hopefully we can all paly again at an open mic night some time (or even a proper gig). It’s just a little annoying that I couldn’t hear any of the vocals while actually playing the gig!

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