Recording Precussion Tracks…

While having my lunchbreak (while working at home) insipration struck….

Makeshift Drum Recording

Sort out a new percussion track for a song in progress by sitting the microphone on the desk (on stand required) and hitting the desk, and a tin. Stick into cubase, whack on some heavy compression, eq, chop up the hits, rearrange a little and bob’s your uncle. Now i just need ro re-record the groove on the warr so that it isn’t outshown by me hitting my desk!


(And yes, that’s a Matthew Herbert album you can just about make out under the cables, … which is clearly where the idea came from).

What’s more, it only took 15 mins (still have to edit it a bit later tonight, multi layer some stuff and whatnot) and then I got back to a productive day of analysis gaze data from an old experiment.

Hopefully i’ll find time this evneing to work on the track some more… I have enthusiasm a go go!

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