Just a wee reminder – AlKandAlC on Wednesday

back at the Forest, for the first Blue Wednesday of 2008. The line up is:

Dave Law Band


Roger the Bluesfather

Should be a good night, as usual. We have our new favourite song to play and will hopefully be debuting a new song. It’ll probably be a little rough around the edges but… if we play it fast enough nobody will notice 🙂 What’s more, it’s not in D. Actually, I don’t think there’s a D chord in the whole song…

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we should hopefully have a few guests to join us on stage, Casey and Jenny. Backing singers a gogo… AlK will be smiling no end, I’m sure. Hopefully Louisa will be joining us on guitar one day soon too….

That’s more or less it. I have a fun week of re-working my paper in order to resubmit it (basically, the reviewers like my experiment, thought it was really interesting and novel, but didn’t like my discussion and analysis. But hey, we’re pretty new in the field and are still working what’s hot and what isn’t!).


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