Bizarre Blog Harvesting

The internet works in weird ways. I now have an incoming link from I guess they’re harvesting the Internet for music related blogs in order to generate content for their website. But oddly they’ve credited my post to a Carlos Anaconda.

Which is weird. I might use it as a new pseudo name though. Hmm. Alastair Kilgour and Carlos Anaconda maybe. What do you think?

Any, I don’t really care about the post. It was hardly a great blog in the first place. And although they’ve called me Carlos Anaconda, the link still links back here. But, weird. I can see why they’re harvest blogs, to generate content for a site, so they get hits, and ad revenue. Not sure why they’d want to change the authors name. Is it just a weird bug for me? Or do they create false ids for all the blogs they steal? And if so, how come they all link back to the original website anyway? Kind of defeats the point.

Anyway, back to work,


Carlos Anaconda

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