So what’s been happening in my little world?

So what’s been happening in my little world?

Well, I’ve finally finished off my chunk of work, the paper has been submitted. Fingers crossed it gets accepted, I have doubts creeping in – coupled with general apathy. It sometimes looks like the whole world is designed with the aim of sucking the excitement and enthusiasm out of everything. I finished the experiments and analysis for the paper months ago. Sigh.

On a more positive note, I gave my first presentation last week at the Scottish Perception Meeting. Which went surprisingly well! No nasty questions, a few people found it interesting and a few people gave me some good ideas. So that was fun (and reassuring).

Hopefully the paper will get accepted and I can continue working away, gradually to something interesting!

 Music-wise, things are going pretty well. The AlKandAlC band fluttered into existence played a surprisingly good gig given the really crappy sound, and then vanished (drunkenly) into the cold night air. Expect it to return sometime next year! Once we can find a venue worth playing at. Like one that has working monitors so we can actually hear each other on stage. That would be a nice start. I guess there is always the Jazz Bar gig in April ’08 to look forward to! And I should try and organise a return trip to The Ark. Ali and I are also working out a few new tunes to introduce into our duo set: hopefully we can get around to trying them out at an open mic night sometime. Once we stop being so lazy!


In other news, my band is going well. I’m not sure when it became *my* band, but for some reason Matt’s looking to me for a lot of the ideas. I guess it’s probably down to playing my warr guitar; the daft instrument has a habit of screwing stuff up and changing how it sounds. I guess if I use one of my basses at a jam in the near future it’ll be easier to work on some of the tunes Matt has. So, on the whole things are progressing pretty well. We’re still not sure what direction we’re heading in but that’s part of the fun!

 And finally, I’m off to see “my new favourite band” tomorrow, Porcupine Tree. Rock on. It’s been ages since I was excited about going to a rock gig.  

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