Back in Edinburgh

It’s noticeably colder up here.

Anyway, my little London adventure went pretty well. Had a great night out on Friday with Nick Trepka, who seems to be having a whale of a time in London… we ended up seeing a really good acoustic-y band. And drank lots of wine. Then I woke up on Saturday at noon, in good time to go to a Kurdish restaurant. Which was were we spent most the afternoon. And an old uni friend, Jacob, came down to join us, it was great catching up with him.

Sunday was spent looking round the poster exhibition at the Imperial War Museum which was really interesting (and free). Then I met up with another old uni friend, Matt. Who’s now married, mortgaged, although still playing in umpteen bands round London.

So, that was about it. Not really looking forward to tomorrow, although there’s a jam with Ali and Niki to look forward to I guess.

PS. Nick has a new myspace site.  

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