My Busy Week Continues

Thursday already! Time is flying. Had a great jam with Ali last night, worked on tidying up a load of loose bits and bobs in the set for Sunday. While doing all that we of course started to change the songs again, it seems to happen every week. Louisa has requested we play the old style Sailor Song, so we have to relearn that, and Amy almost has a new coda. And Ali wants a mandolin! (Me personally, I’m still waiting for him to play his lap steel guitar at an Al&Al gig!)

This morning, I’m doing some more polishing to my paper. Hopefully it will soon be ready to submit. Just got to wait for Adobe Reader, MS Office and friends to perform updates off the web. (My PC is now fixed and there are a surprising number of updates to programs given it was only down for 5 days!)

Tonight I get in touch with my African side. I wonder how many generations I’d have to go back to find some African heritage in my family? I’m an 1/8 Italian so that’s getting there, just need to find a relative on other side of the Med :p Anyway, the gig should hopefully be fun, although the set up doesn’t sound ideal. Apparently the venue isn’t really cut out for live music and has a temp stage on the dance floor.

And finally, I’ve been asked to join the Modern Blues as guest. headlining the Oxjam gig. So I’ll be playing the support slot for myself :p So that’s another set of songs to learn, but it should be great fun and it’ll be good to get the chance to play Cutaway et al again. And this time, with a drummer! That’s going to be a late night. 12-1am. On a Sunday. Rock and Roll.

Righteo, the computer updates have now installed and I have several flashing windows asking me to restart, so I better do that. Hopefully see you at the Oxjam gig. Whoever “you” is. Lots of angry BT customers by the looks of things. That’s nearly 2500 hits.

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