My Busy Weekend

Well back at uni after a busy weekend. Friday night PC blew up. Which was pretty exciting. Turns out the power supply shorted out. So no computer for me until I sort out getting a replacement through the guarantee. It meant my plans on finishing off a tune in Cubase have been put on hold though.

Anyway, after having to get up early(ish) on Saturday to investigate the exploding PC, I then spent the afternoon rehearsing with Benny and Sam for the gig this Thursday night, the opening event for the Africa in Motion Film Festival. I’ve still not had a rehearsal with the full band though (missed one rehearsal due to prior commitments and wasn’t at another as Benny was wanting to try out another bassist). So it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

Saturday evening was spent trying out a weird japanese game, Eternal Sonata. The basic idea is”On his deathbed, Chopin, the famous composer, drifts between this life and the next. In his dreams, happenstance encounters with a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her, leads to Chopin’s discovery of the light that shines in each of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.” I wonder how people come up with such ideas?

And onto Sunday. A last practise with Al K and Lucy for the gig at the Ark Sunday evening. Unfortuantly instead of trying to sort out any of the things needing sorted out (how to finish some songs, trying to make sure we both agree on which bit of what song goes where) we messed about with Al’s drum machine…. which led to some comical moments in the gig later that day. It was a fun gig though. Al and I just need to be a bit more on the ball. Which will require finding a ball first. I wonder if an egg shaker will work? Lucy’s currently playing out songs better than we can!

Anyway, like I said, a fun evening. Caught up with some friends, Matt and Jym did a great set each and The Ark’s a nice venue. Will have to try and play there again. Sadly my attempts to record the gig didn’t work, but that’s probably just as well! The nextAlKandAlC gig (or possible Kilgour Clarke and Cradden) is next Sunday at Roger’s Oxjam gig at Henry’s. We’re not playing til midnight but please come along at 8pm and support the cause. Even if you can’t be bothered staying til we get up to play. We’re both hoping we’ll play well, as we have another week to sort out any kinks. But being realistic, we’ll probably be somewhat drunk by midnight…..

In other news, hopefully having a jam with Matt James next weekend, (maybe) and a drummer. We’ve talked nonsense about putting a power trio together and now we’re giving it a try. The good thing about it is that we’re all busy with other bands too, so it shouldn’t be too stressful trying to get up to gigging standard asap. If it all comes together we might have a song or two to play by the end of the year but that’s maybe optimisitc. Likewise, I’m going to try a similar thing playing warr with a glasgow based prog rock band. I can start nice and slowly and see how things pan out!

Right, back to work…

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