Upcoming Gigs in October


while i wait for my risotto to cook here are three upcoming gigs:

21st October: Al K. and Al C @ The Ark. This will be my first proper gig (ie, with a proper sound system, being able to hear each other, not in the Forest Cafe!) with Al since last December. How time flies! Our warm up gig at the Forest last month went pretty well so we’re really looking forward to playing this gig. What’s more, I’ve just arranged for Matt James to play a set on the same night (I won’t call it a support slot as he’s more talented than us!). If you don’t know Matt, check out his myspace. He’s an acoustic guitar tapper. I should really get some lessons off him some day, see if he can help me with my warr guitar playing! There will be another act on the night, still to be arranged. It should be a pretty good gig. Not sure what time the evening starts at though.

25th October: Benny Tetteh Lartey and the Afro-Scot Beat @ The Lava Club. I think I’m playing this gig. :p Sometimes hard to tell with Benny though, he can keep his cards close to his chest and he’s auditioning an acoustic bass player this weekend. So I’m not sure exactly what he’s planning. But it’ll be a good night either way whether i’m playing or not: it’s the opening night for the Edinburgh African Film Festival. Click the link for ticket info if you’re interested.

28th October: Al K. and Al C. (and lots and lots of other,) @ Henry’s Cellar Bar. Roger’s organising an big night of live music at Henry’s on the 28thto raise money for Oxfam. See Roger’s website for details of who’s playing.

31st October: Blue Wednesday @ The Forest Cafe. I’m not sure if we’re playing or not! Some event listings have Al and I down to play, but Roger’s site doesn’t. I’ll have to email about it! Either way, it’s usually a good night so head down and show your support for free live music in Edinburgh.

One Response to Upcoming Gigs in October

  1. chris says:

    Hang on: you *wait* for your risotto to cook? Shouldn’t you be stirring constantly, adding a little stock at a time, to coax the starch out of the granules and into a creamy sauce that will bind your dish and absorb the flavours of your choosing.

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