Warr Guitar/Chapman Stick: Exercise One

One of the hardest things about learning the warr guitar has been working out what to play on it. First I had to learn where all the notes where. Then figure out which fingering patterns. Then work out musical patterns to play.

Warr guitars (and hence Chapman sticks, as they are essentially the same instrument) are pretty unique. They are similar in some ways to guitars, basses and pianos, but very different at the same time. I’ll maybe do a post about that another day πŸ™‚

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the stuff that I’ve worked out. There’s a general lack of stuff on the web so the more the merrier.

The exercise below is based on a tapping pattern that gives a “finger picking effect.” Basically the right and left hand play intertwined arpeggios. I found the pattern somewhere on the web, but I can’t find it anymore 😦 Anyway, I’ve expanded it somewhat playing it over some changes.

Some reference points. The first D on the bass is 7th fret on the G bass string. And the second D is 15th fret on the treble B string. Hopefully the rest of it can be worked out from that.

Lesson One

Update: Here’s a little example of what it should sound like. Not that I can play it perfectly yet! I find the hardest parts to be moving from the F chord to the C, up a string and up to frets. This is probably mostly down to leading the shift of position with my 4th finger, which plays the root note. Plus I need to improve the dexterity of my right hand in general: a) I’m left handed and b) I’m not used to fretting with my right hand, as it would usually be plucking the strings on my bass.

Update again: Fixed link

4 Responses to Warr Guitar/Chapman Stick: Exercise One

  1. Robert Laing says:

    Hi, I also have a Warr Guitar (Phalanx 12). Where do you get your strings from? Do you buy exposed core? and whch brand do you buy……..I am having a diffficult time finding a source in th UK. Great blog by the way!!

  2. Ha, I have no idea where I would get strings from! I’ve had my warr a couple of years now and haven’t swapped the strings. I’m beginning to think that maybe I should, but like you, I have no idea where I’d get some from πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any tips of tricks yourself?

  3. I really do not traditionally comment concerning weblogs along the lines of this but in this circumstance plus in keeping with the remarks in this article I might take this chance to point out just how much I appreciated your posting. Really useful and also well written – bless you for sharing this with us!

  4. korsetter says:


    […]Warr Guitar/Chapman Stick: Exercise One « Riadsala’s Blog[…]…

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