There’s a lot of hate about BT’s Customer Service on the Internet

So, a couple of months ago I moved to a new flat. As part of that I had to sort out a BT line. Having dealt with BT before I knew that I wanted as little as possible from them – just the line rental. I’ve already been screwed over by them when I had to move flat last year, half way through my broadband contract. They insisted they had to keep on billing me, even though I had been kicked out the flat where the service was. As I my new flat already had a broadband connection, I wasn’t able to take my contract with me, so I had to pay BT for nothing for six months…. how to lose a customer!

Anyway, so, as I said, I was sorting out the landline connection so I could get Virgin Media broadband and phone (we sadly live about two streets away from the cabled part of Edinburgh). Say what you like about Virgin, but I’ve always had my calls answered very quickly, and the staff are far nicer. What’s more, the staff are actually based in the UK by the sounds of it. While i have nothing against anybody of any race. having to deal with somebody on the phone with a thick foreign accent who can’t deviate from their script is even more infuriating than having to use automatic phone systems.

So anyway, while i was stuck on hold for an hour or so, I typed a little blog update. I only really did it for some mental stimulation. But that little post is now my most read item.

BT Effect

Note the big jump in hits! Now, if only a few of those people would take the time to listen to a few mp3s…

Conclusion: there must be a lot of people who really hate BT.

13 Responses to There’s a lot of hate about BT’s Customer Service on the Internet

  1. Claire says:

    Dear Prospective Customers,
    If you have a chance not to be BT customer, then please take it. This is why:
    1. Customer services never answer the phone within one hour.
    2. If they say they are going to call round at a particular time they do not – even when you have called to confirm a date and time in advance.
    3. Customer services, if you do get through, may promise to ring you back. However, this never happens.
    4. If you tell them that they have to ring a certain number to contact you, they will ignore this.
    5. More often than not, you will speak to someone who claims to be “untrained”.
    6. If you write to them by email, they may reply, but never within a week.
    7. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, at first they will say that there is nobody there who is in charge.
    8. If you insist, and do get through to a supervisor, they will also claim to “untrained”.
    9. A recorded message will say “we are busy at this time, call back later”. If you call back, at any other hour or on any other day, the same message is played.
    10. At other times, you will be put on hold and a recorded message will tell you that “your call will answered as soon as possible”. This is a lie. You may well be on hold until your battery on your phone runs out – this has happened to me several times.
    11. Frequently, you will get through to a call centre in India. Other times, the line sounds bad and the connection is awful but that is when you are speaking to somebody in Stoke-on-Trent!!!!!!
    12. Oh, and if you want to complain and your complaint is about sales, a bill or general matters, please phone 0800 800 150 between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday. Good luck!

  2. pamela ross says:

    NOBODY hates BT more than me…..!

  3. Stuart says:

    I hate BT more than You Pamela, trust me…

  4. Dave says:

    BT’s customer service are an evolutionary anomaly that can only come about from a lack of competition in the wild. It’s the same effect that gave us the sloth and other slow dimwitted beasts.

  5. Grace Read says:

    They are AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL, I have been offered £300 to go away…. I am waiting for copies of 3 months worth of phone calls and notes on my file, when I get them I cant wait to post them every where and send to watchdog….awful, spiteful, rude idiots…..I cant wait for my contract to run out and seperatly I have moved all barr 1 of our company lines away from them and will NEVER let the company advertise with them again…..

  6. Roy says:

    BT ………..WELL IF YOU WERE TO USE YOUR HEAD ….DO NOT BECOME A BT CUSTOMER………..they are possibly the worst company in the uk…….

  7. martin says:

    So far my latests issue has generated 187 pages of computer-gereated clap trap.
    The two promises of phone calls at specific times have not come ( maybe their phone is off) .
    Simple question: which is the best operator to switch to – local and international phone and broadband?
    Thanks, MS

  8. larry amos says:

    I can’t believe that the largest state-of-the-art communications business in the world has such appalling customer service record as well as what seems to be, at worst, an almost corrupt and underhand business acumen, or at best, a totally inept and uncaring strategy for its customers. The very thing that BT supposedly leads the world in is the very thing that it falls down on, COMMUNICATION. After reporting a fault for almost a year I was persuaded not to call out an engineer because the ‘lady from Bangalore’ seemed more obsessed to advise me that it would cost approx. £189 if the fault was with my equipment (I don’t own any BT equipment except the phone which was not faulty). Anyway, I eventually called out the engineer because the phone kept making annoying sporadic ringing noises and when someone called me it would only ring once (as if they hung up after one ring, but actually they were still there though) it was frustrating.
    The engineer at BT Faults came to my house, he new exactly what the problem was (my wife and I have lived there for almost 25 years). The incoming junction box was corroded as it had been there so long and needed to be replaced, it took him all of 10 minutes. He also pointed out that there would be no charge for this as it was faulty BT equipment. Amazingly, on my July bill was a £189.88 billed as ‘variable charge (customer request for fault /damage’).
    I called BT and nobody was prepared to speak to me about it, they simply said someone would call me back within three days (lets see).

  9. Ang says:

    I wasn’t even a BT customer and they hijacked my landline and changed the number without notice. 6 weeks later I am still without a landline and now no broadband either. BT insisted the only way to sort it out was by signing a 12 month contract with them. Calls to them take 2.5 hrs minimum and I get transferred from one dept to another and then back again. Then some gormless tw4t tells me ‘not to raise my voice or I will cut you off’. Raise my voice??? I am sad to say it, but I now hate BT with a passion and not 1 penny of my money will they ever get. My phone/broadband provider when all this kicked off was PIPEX/TISCALI. They are no better, possibly worse. My overriding priority is now to use a company with UK based call centres. Cost is a lower priority.

  10. BT Complaint says:

    I hate BT so much I set up a BT Complaint website purely for people to submit their comlaints – share with each other and to compile a report that will be send for investigation by Watchdog etc. Recently BT got the award for worst customer service by Daily Mail readers and it’s not surprising.

  11. Tracey says:

    Either BT do not have a Board of Directors, or, like that famous, soft, soft, soft advert, they are below the age of 5 and therefore their main aim in life is to cause as much mess and destruction as possible.

    Their attitude to customer care bares an uncanny resemblence to John Cleese’s approach to the Hotel Trade in Fawlty Towers. I am wondering if someone is actually recording all our phone calls (not for training purposes as by all accounts it is impossible to conceive that anyone with training could be so unhelpful and ineffective) but for the purpose of a sitcom.

    They are the only Company in the UK who ride rough shod over everyone and their fundalmental legal rights. clauses in their contracts which are unreasonable, advance payment for line rental – if they have my money in advance I want interest on it! If you are a day late with payment, off comes the service! Irrelevant if you work from home. when they put the service back on – they charge you for the time you were without it.

    BT is a Company that abuses its power, really does not care about its customers and in this credit crunch it was one of the Companies that i would dearly loved to see go to the wall – not sweet old Woolworths. Seems the saying of the good die young is true in the Company world too. I am not saying that Wooly’s was a great Company, but they cared about their customers at least, you know they served them with the goods that they wanted to buy, at the point they asked to buy them – not leave them in a queue for over an hour. If the saying is true too, look out, BT will be here for billions of years to come.

    When i studied for a law degree over 20 years ago, we had to read a case where an old lady left a Will the content of which was questioned in respect of her testamentary capacity. Reason? She left a lemon in her Will to be divided between, what were her apparently favourite Companies, one of which, you will be surprised to learn was BT. The Judge considered that this was certainly NOT the act of a woman who was mad. So even these many years ago, BT were driving people mad.

    I heard another lovely story recently.

    BT, sharp as ever, sent this woman a bill for £0.00. You see she had already paid advance charges (albeit accidentally). She left the bill, as any normal person would do. Then she got the stroppy letter from BT insisting that she pay her £0.00 bill or they would cut her off.

    The lady obligingly sent a cheque for £0.00 in settlement of the invoice and asked them to send her a receipt. BT tried to put it through the Bank – which could not record £0.00 and in fact in the Bank trying to process it, its whole systems collapsed for the day.

    The BT performance effect spreads far and wide.

    What really really made me laugh, is recently i saw that they had an “excellence” award on their bills they sent to me. Well i didn’t stop laughing for a considerable period of time, the award logo appeared to be a new one, no doubt invented by themselves. Within a few months it had disappeared.

    Incidentally, the other slices of Lemon were sent to the utility companies. Now they are not perfect, but they have improved a great deal more than BT has over the last few decades.

    BT are so bad, I can only but believe that they do it deliberately.


    I too plan to leave them something when i die, but a 1/4 slice of lemon is far too nice.

    just before i posted this, i then noticed on this site, Google ads for bloomin BT… is this their site to earn them money? Only way of making profits is to make a spoof hate site about themselves and post Ads -absolutely madness.

    don’t know why i bothered with this message now.

  12. hola. I located this specific webpage and also I really should believe that this is a superb write-up. I praise you pertaining to this unique selective information.

  13. Steve Jones says:

    After being conned by BT for 7 months and getting nowhere I took the fight to the internet. Complaint was about poor quality line apparently my phone all six of them which are perfect on next doors line (Not BT) also overcharging every month supposed to have inclusive anytime minutes both UK and 36 countries world wide. Scam Alert charge for package and the calls. So put them on my website BT offered £213 final offer which I refused because overcharging amounted to about £320 other problems terrible customer service lied to by agents sworn at by agents and discriminated against becasue of my disability. Lawsuit then issued against BT. BT then remove my services claiming me abusive and jepodising my account by using the above mentioned website. This resulted in second website about BT Complaints called As BT can not stop me from being on the internet there only reason for stopping my account. Now going to another company. Pulled every payment back from BT Direct Debits on DD Indemnity Scheme who is losing now BT? Hey Blog Owner cool that you had this page you should have stuck to getting traffic with BT complaints. as traffic breads money. If you want any cool WordPress Templates for your site send me an email I have about 25 of them. I can give you one or two for free. regards cool page by the way.

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