The Return of AlK and AlC

Hello. After 6 months in the US, Al K is returning to windy, rainy Edinburgh soon. And we have a gig at the Forest on the 5th September. Will we remember how to play our old songs? Will we have any new songs? Only time will tell. Should be good fun.

I don’t know quite why I enjoy playing with Al so much, guess it’s just a good balance of taking the back seat while he songs and play guitar, but still having enough musical space to do my own thing and work out (hopefully) musical lines to complement his guitar. In the other acts i’ve been involved in, it’s not quite been the same – not as relaxed and spontaneous – I don’t know why. And i usually get less on an input on what I play (bass parts are usually dictacted by either the band leader or the music itself). It can still be fun to play, especially at a gig with a good sound system (playing a really spare part at the Bongo Club for Benny’s gig was fun, I could feel the notes). The over extreme isn’t too good either, when nobody brings anything concrete to the table. Then nothing happens…

Anyway, back to work, lunchtime is over….

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