BT Customer Service Hell

I’m on hold.
I’ve been on hold for so long that the cordless phone battery is running low.

I tried the ringback feature yesterday. And they phoned me back when i got to the front of the queue.
They then put me i another queue. And then disconnected my call.
So i phoned again today.
Spent 30mins in a queue. Then got half way through a credit check.
Before they dropped my call again.
So much for the Brittish Telecoms company.
So 30 minutes more on hold
Before somebody answers and the tells me that if I don’t want to use their phone package (and after all of this, I want as little to do with the company as possible – I’ll go with Virgin who at least have never put me on hold for so long) that i have to call someobdy else to connect the line.

You’d think I maybe had better things to do with my time. Like sort out the new flat. Or work. or something.


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  1. Lloyd says:

    Yep welcome to my world, ordered a phoneline last week and it was supposed to be on by Monday (23rd) and for some reason it wasn’t and thus began my week of hell of trying to contact and get through to someone….

  2. Stacey says:

    My daugher and I have spent the last WEEK trying to get someone to listen and try to help with getting a line connected. All they did was ‘pass the buck’ and we got nowhere trying to find out just how much it would cost which we discovered finally, and the price was horrendous!

    So, my daughter decided she wanted to cancel the BT engineer from coming and connecting but after FOUR calls, being passed from pillar to post and finally getting cut off….we would all like to say that the so called ‘Customer Service’ department just does not exist within BT and, Virgin media…(who has an EXCELLENT service)…will be putting in a line and if the BT man turns up as far as we are concerned we CANCELLED HIM!

    May I suggest that the huge profits made that get wasted on the fat cats at the top get put back into the Company by improving service.

    I have been a customer with BT for many years but am seriously considering leaving due to all the upset caused to my daughter.

    Fed up Parent of angry daughter

  3. Stuart says:

    I totally agree with what you are all saying – I was on hold one night with them for 2 hours!! Previously I have been transferred around departments speaking with people who have no idea what is going on, panicing and just transferring you away (or dropping the call).

    I would recommend anyone to stay well clear of BT.

  4. laura says:

    my mother has been on the phone to BT for One hour and is still on hold !!!!! I have never had such a discusting sevice , she has spent over 50 pounds on her moble already and has had to use my phone as she cannot afford to spend anymore money. My mother is pentioner and can ill’affored these expenses this has been going on since the 13th of August and she has been without a phone since then ,no wonder people leave BT !!

  5. simon davis says:

    yip. me too.
    if you are on facebook, try this group.

  6. Charles says:

    I moved house in late July, two doors down on the same street and wanted to take my phone number with me, something that should be very simple. Everything was fine except BT’s inability to get the phone line sorted out. Even though all the cabling exists in the new house, because the previous owner had migrated service to another company BT charged me £125 to reconnect. Then they gave me the wrong phone number twice. Only got resolved as I had a call from the Resolution Team relating to an older complaint I’d made, even then it took 2 weeks.

    In total I’d estimate I’ve been on hold well over 20 hours in the past 6 weeks and probably spoke to 30 or 40 different people. The problem is getting through to someone who can help. Most times, you can wait 45 mins to speak to someone who just transfers you into another 45 minute queue, after that, you get referred back to the first department.

    At the moment, I have a working phone line, but no Caller Display and no online account management since the website throws up random errors and incorrect phone numbers to ring.

    I tried to enroll on the Option 2 free calls offer advertised in a leaflet with my first bill, but the number advertised connects you to a team who are unable to help and transfer me to customer services.

    I’m completely sick of BT and will be ditching them as soon as my 12 months is up.

    Its been a complete nightmare.

  7. Bridget Massey says:

    I ordered a phone line for my 76 year old mother on the 27th August 2007 they said the line was already installed at her new flat and she would be connected on the 31st August we are now on the 14th September and 25 hours on the phone talking to various people in Belfast and where ever.
    I was told due to the floods in Yorkshire that there would be a delay that was 8 days ago and spoke to them again yesterday and may I add I live in West Yorkshire not South Yorkshire. The service is terrible and very frustrating. My elderly mother has no phone and feels cut off from the world. I have just go though to Belfast again!!! was told will put you throught to Customer Services thats a laugh!!!

  8. dan says:

    Customer Comments:
    1. I am currently on the telephone to you – on hold. All I want to do is change the date of my direct debit. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 4 minutes and have still not got through to the right person. I have spoken to 4 members of staff (waiting for the 5th to pick up the phone) and each of them have proceeded to transfer me to the wrong department.
    2. When I called to get BT broadband set up I was on the phone to you for 45 minutes only to eventually told that you could not provide the service until the following week when I would have to call back.
    3. When I called back I was on hold for over 20 minutes and eventually hung up and tried to register online. When I tried to,was rejected for some unknown reason so I had to call back and was on hold for a further 30 minutes before broadband was set up.
    4. I should have received a limited edition black hub with the BT broadband equipment as I went for option 3. When the equipment was delivered the hub was white. I called to tell you this and you said that you would send someone to pick up the white one and drop off a black one. When the delivery guy arrived he asked my partner to sign for the package which he did and he returned the white hub. When we opened the package it was another white hub (!!!). We asked the delivery guy to take it back and he said he couldn’t because we had already signed for it and that we should call BT to arrange for it to be changed for a black hub. By this time we were so sick of calling regarding this we have just kept the white hub.
    When I signed up to BT I thought that I would get a good service. I would never recommend BT to anyone. Your services is absolutely terrible and you have no loyalty to existing customers.
    I have now been on hold for 1 hour 13 minutes. I have cramp in my shoulder and am going to go mad!
    I expect some sort of compensation for the time wasted and for you to deliver the correct hub.
    For your information I am a tax adviser and charge my time at £200 per hour – what a waste of time spent on the phone to you!

  9. perere says:

    Is there any staff working in billing section? since one monyh I try to call everyday but no one answer phone . All I want to know if u received my payment I made from my debit account on july 29 th 07 now I goa reminder for not paying I dont know what to do service is horrible.

  10. m says:

    bt are a bunch of f**king ar*seholes

  11. Charles says:

    Since they sent me another wrong bill, for £97 rather than £12, I’ve written a letter to their new Chairman and cancelled my DD since its a complete waste of time trying to get through to anyone on the phone.

    Sir Michael Rake
    BT Group plc,
    BT Centre,
    81 Newgate Street,
    London EC1A 7AJ

    I’ll see them in court if they cut me off (although I don’t expect they’ll turn up).

  12. Amanda Willett says:

    Oh god can anyone tell me how to get my line connected by BT. I’ve been waiting now for over 2 months. Just like everyone else I get pushed around from one person to the next each person worse than the last with no-one seeming to have any clue about when or whether I might ever get a phone connected. Endless hanging on the line waiting and waiting only to get someone who hasn’t a clue what to do. Does anyone have any tips

  13. Victoria Botic says:

    Took me over a moth to get my line. I cannot quite figure out what goes on there!! The service is appaling…it seems that nobody knows the right number you should call, all the numbers you are given are hopeless as nobody ever answers the phone, once they finally do answer the phoe they tell you you got through to the wrong department and give yo another useless number to call… is all very pathetic and i wish there was another supplier i could have gone with.

    Plus, it seems taht my number got on every telephoen sales company list!! I opted out from the phone book and took the provacy option…i want to call the Custome Services but the thought of being on hold and talkign to 15 “wrong people” is just to muchh…i’d rather chat to the sales people every night…

  14. john Armstrong says:

    BT are the worst company i have ever dealt with. I have moved to a property where when i came to view it there was a perfect working line and as soon as the current tenenat moved out we moved in and when i when i call BT to re-connect i was told the previous owner was with other provider and they will have to charge me £125 pounds to get connected. The thing is there was already a BT line there so why am i being charged this.

    Thats a day light robbery. We do not have Virgin phone available. Maybe BT knoes that its either there phone or nothing else hence the reckless criminality they resort to.

    The engineer is coming next week so i am going to be there and i will ask him to test my line and if he says its ok then i will not be paying the fee. thieving CXXXX.

  15. Helga says:

    I have been waiting for a line to be installed for the last 2 months and still nothing.
    they have made about 5 appointments to come see me,and no one rocked up! that is five days of leave they will not pay me for and what about the interest they are gaining from my money!

    i have tried to call and waited for an hour, i then used the call back feature only to be put in another dam que, it is absurd! they are always apparently busy, so why not hire more telephone operatives, or better yet train the ones that they have properly!

    i have sent 2 formal complaints and they have not even been acknowledged!

    it is ridiculous, i wish there was a way of making them wake up!
    lord help the next person i get hold of at BT!

  16. marion says:

    on 28th august 2007 i telephoned bt to say i was moving house and could i take my existing number with me. yes the lady said. on 9th september, one week before my move i rang again to check that everything was ok for 13th yes said layla we shall switch your line over at 08.00. great i thought NOT SO GREAT
    i have a priority line , because i have cancer and have a lifeline.
    13th september, no line .tried to ring no reply
    14th september rang was told that due to the fact that the line at my new address was owing money i couldnt have a transfer done.
    15th september spoke to a really helpfull guy (name i have) who suggested that he gives me a new number. ok if that will resolve the matter fine. he duly gave me the number which funnilily enough was the number that was owed money on. i came home from my friends house and plugged in the phone great it works.
    now what happened hext was amazing 2 days later i get a bill for 37.98 for the phone line from july 2007 remember i didnt move in until 13th september 2007. i duly sent it back. next i received a bill for 177.95 for connection charges, i then spent 9 days and went through 14 departrments with no success in this matter. i sent the bill back with a letter of complaint. andw have heard nothing since.
    the worst day was when i sat with hands free from 0920 to 16.40 without anyone answering the phone never mind getting through to the right department. by this time i was extremely stressed with bt and with my condition made for a painfull week. why , oh why can we not have the old bt back this is supposed to be progress!!!¬!!!!!!!!! i dont think so.

  17. Ronan says:

    Can relate to all comments here, just got cut off as I cannot pay my bill… Taking them to court to pay my mobile bills just to prove a point and switching to Virgin.

    good luck BT…

  18. Noddy says:

    I’ve been on hold for over half and hour now having paid my £50 “security deposit” to get the line reconnected at a new property (the reason for which they couldn’t tell me) I’m about to rent. I got straight through to that department and the happily took my money, all I want to do is confirm the date of switch on and the new number!!! I’m moving 300 miles and have enough on my plate without the inept customer care being displayed!

    Will be late for work at this rate too!

    Oh finally got an answer after 40 mins on hold but my VOL? number doesn’t match the address on the order (or where I’m moving to) so guess what back on hold….

  19. Melissa says:

    I have encountered awful things also, today i got a letter through the post from BT, in it there is a charge for £70, which is a cancellation fee. On September 3rd my partner rang up bt to set up a phone line, and said that he would be transferring to Tiscali, they said that is fine and that we have a 7day cooling off period to do it in so we would not get a cancellation fee! so my partner put the phone down once everything was sorted and rang Tiscali, they explained to my partner that BT like to hold onto accounts for as long as they can in order to make as much money, and they like to make things difficult! So this morning we get the letter through the post, and we also get cut off!! which just so happened to be a coincedence. so we couldnt ring anyone to sort this mess out, therefore using our mobiles, my partner was on hold with BT for an hour, then finally got through, was on the phone for a further 11minutes to be cut off due to his £10 being rinsed. During this time i had texted my mother to let her know what had happened, she rang our landline number ONLY TO FIND THEY HAVE GIVEN OUR NUMBER TO SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY!!!! Talk about jumping in your grave! And the rest is pretty self explanatory, thanks to TISCALI who are working there butts off, our connection was put back up in just over 6hours, im very pleased with the service they have provided and would reccommend. IN CONCLUSION, i say we get some form of petition together!! its funny how if your ringing to open up an account with them they will answer the phone straight away, if your ringing up with an enquiry, and when you enquire its usually bad… then they refuse to pick up for atleast an hour if no …many many many more!

  20. Nick says:

    Im a BT hater whos has spent countless hours on the phone and generally not happy with BT. I got to the point where i started a group about my exp[erience with hating BT and it was picked up by the media – Times online.
    Please help me and join my group about hating BT so that together we can take these bastards down. Dont forget were all workjing for the same reason – we all hate BT!

  21. Toni says:

    I moved into a rented property in July. My landlandy tried to transfer her BT contract to me but it was impossible as she was left on hold all the time. We tried for over a week with no success. She lived elsewhere and had to come to mine all those days as we had to be together to do the transfer. In the end I told her to cancel the line and I would get a new contract.

    Got a new contract without realising I was entering a one year agreement. I was sent nothing and if the BT employee said it was I didn’t realise. Line was set up in two days. I ordered answer phone service 1571. Was told it’d be running in 24 hours. It took over a month. I rang endless times. Was on hold for hours in total. I gave up ringing.

    I moved out of this flat end of september. I wanted to know the amount I owed them. No one would tell me, no one mentioned I’d be charged £70. Got final bill for £93 (70 for early cancellation), sent to the wrong address even though I’ve given them twice my new address (before and after moving). I’ve written a recorded delivery letter and an email complaining. No reply so far. I sent a previous email with a complaint on 18 Sept. Got a reply 3 days ago: 17 October! Talking of great customer service!. I’ll also be writing to the Chairman and will join any group complaining about BT. Their agents are so incompetent that it makes my blood boil. They’r very quick at answering calls regarding sales and they’re very quick at getting rid off you if no money is going to come out of your call. Disgusting!

    Good luck to everyone else!

  22. carol barrie says:

    Am presently holding to speak to “customer services” and have been on hold for over one hour… trying to get BT to install a new line to my mother-in-laws flat for the past 9 weeks!
    My Mother-in-law is 73 years old and really is in need of a phone.
    Have spent more than 25 hours phoning to try and arrange this to no avail. Crazy thing is we also own the flat next door and BT have eventually installed a line to that flat…(although it did take 7 weeks – at least it is now installed)
    The engineer who installed the line said he would try his best to chase up the other order – still waiting.
    What can we do about this? surely we must be able to complain to some about this??
    Heard it was on Watchdog on BBC – maybe I will give them a call….

    Good luck All,

    There must be something we can do as “customers”???

  23. Elaine Birnie says:

    My son has just moved into a property and ordered a BT line to be installed. as he was going on holiday he asked me to be at his house for the engineer to come which was supposed to be on Tuesday 23rd October. I waited all day on the engineer to come—guess what? He did not appear. i tried to telephone from my mobile and was on hold for over an hour, the battery ran out. I then tried from my husbands phone but again was on hold for that long that i phoned my mum to try phoning from her phone as it was costing an arm and a leg from our mobiles. She said she left amessage for a customer service adviser to phone me back., He did but when i told him the problem he said I can’t help you with that i will transfer you. I was then placed on hold again and after an hour and a half i gave up. i tried again today again was put on hold, i finally got to speak to someone and when i told her how annoyed i was and that it was a disgrace being kept on hold for so long, i requested to speak to manager, she hung up my call. i called back again, when finally i got through the girl advised i had to ring another number which i did, then was advised after being on hold for 40 minutes again that the team would call me back to advise when they would be able to rebook an engineer. i asked will they call back todday, she assured me they would, im still waiting. I left BT myself a couple of years ago as i personally had the same problems with them. When my son gets back from hols i will be advising him to do the same. It is downright rude to be kept waiting so long with nobody ever being able to help you. It must be the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER…………………….

  24. Dave Pellett says:

    I must admit that I read the comments prior to asking for my line to be connected as a change from Virgin and didn’t believe that any service providers could be so bad………….WRONG, they are!!!! Put the order in, promised a connection date. Received my BT Home Hub. It is now three days since the supposed connection date so I tried to phone. Wow! Pushed from one to another and finally the batteries in both of my phones have given up.
    So have I……No more….Back to Virgin.
    Although it has happened to me I still find it hard to believe that any major company would actively go into negative marketing like this.
    One point that I would like to make is that if you phone the number to order services, you can actually arrange to get the to phone you back within the hour!
    What happens after your order I leave to your imagination…experiences.

    B.T = Bloody T……….s (fill in your own letters!)

  25. Julian says:

    My line was supposed to be connected last week. BUT GUESS WHAT, NO LUCK FOR ME!

    I have called BT daily, spoken to every department but nobody will take any action. I have been on hold in total for about 10 hours.

    THIS IS ridiculous.

    DIE BT

  26. Mike Booth says:

    I am South African and have just arrived in the UK on secondment for my company. We are often referred to as Third World in SA. In many respects we are, but when it comes to telecommunications we are way ahead of you in South Africa. I cannot believe the lack of service that I got from BT. This is typical of the monolithic, bureaucratic monster that British Institutions have always been accused of being. They don’t give a damn, because if they did they would have sorted it out. If a country as big as ours and as limited in terms of telecomms can do it, surely one of the “leaders of the western world” can do it. It is a national disgrace. What a mistake. Take my word for it – do NOT use BT.

  27. John says:


    I recently move from France to the UK. BT opened my line within a week then got internet with Orange. Everything was great… until 1 and 1/2 month after. One day my BT line was dead but my internet (broadband) was still Ok so rang BT. The fault service told me to ring customer services because my line wasn t activated anymore… some stupid F… had turn off my line. Since then 3 weeks now I ring every day and they do F. all about it. They are rubbish, most of them don t even speak english and don t understand anything about phones or technology !

    It is ridiculous , especially for when you are called British Telecom …

  28. I hate BT so much says:

    I hate BT so much that i am not going to comment because i will make my self ill, in fact all i will say is i am working extremely hard at work with overtime just to end the contract that i have with BT.

  29. R Newman says:

    They thank me for holding……….they are very busy………but I am in a queue……..They will answer my call as soon as possible…………..I’m cooking tea……..they thank me for holding ……..they apologise for the delay….but my call will be answered as soon as possible……I’m eating my tea…….they thank me for holding…they are very busy and apologise for the delay…..but my call will be answered as soon as possible…..oh bother, I need the loo…I’m still in a queue…….I’m getting the kids ready for bed……..I am in a queue, but they thank me for holding…they are very busy….my call will be answered as soon as possible……the kids are in bed….I’m still in a queue…I KNOW I’M IN A F@@KING QUEUE YOU DOZY COW …..but they thank me for calling……

  30. ann says:

    i am phoning on behalf of my elderly mother who has gone back to bt big mistake I have been on hold 1hr 25mins & then line goes dead this is not funny getting really frustrated tried twice this morning same thing happens maybe we should charge them hourly charge for wasting time

  31. R Newman says:

    Yeh – I finally got through. It took me 6 hours! My battery went on my phone twice! When I did speak to someone, my order had been put on wrong and I will have to wait two more weeks! Great!

  32. Robbie says:

    I worked for BT many years ago when they were the GPO and customer service was terrible.Thirty odd years later and it’s still terrible.

  33. owen watkins says:

    Thought I was alone until I just read all the above!
    Got cut off last night.
    Received a letter on the 1 November telling me that I no longer live at my address and that my telephone would be cut off on the 15 November. I did not need to do anything and my bill would be sent to my new address (where would that be?).
    I telephone the customer services number and spoke to 4 different people in India, listened to Per Gynt’s Morning for almost 2 hours. No result. I was actually deliberately cut off at least twice.
    Then had conversatons with staff in Belfast and Glasgow who assured me that everything was ‘sorted’. Another 90 minutes on the phone.
    The phone was cut off last night, the 15th.
    Spent an hour on 2 seperate mobiles this morning, more Peer Gynt from India before being cut off. Finally Glasgow have said they have resolved the issue, but cannot guaratee when the phone will be reconnected. Why?
    There is no debt.
    I have had this line for 18 years.
    Who is going to pay for the mobile calls?
    This means that anybody can contact BT, give somebody elses number and advise that they are moving. BT will then cut off the other persons telephone! What a wonderful revenge tool!
    How can a company this bad be in business? Are the alternatives any better?

  34. I. COELHO-LUIS says:

    my son asked BT to install a new line just for him at my house.We didn`t mind.We were with talk- talk with a good deal.After about 4 days of silence from our usually busy line.[ we even joked the world had forgotten about us,] we got a call on our mobiles to say they could not get through to us on the land line.we were making outside calls and the line seemed fine.But we then called our own line and it said it had been disconnected.That was 3 weeks ago. Since then my husband has been on the phone to BT every day from 6 pm for about 3 or more hours. one department sends him to another and another and on and on…………………………….The phone actually rang last week and we said wrong number. the person called again and again. when he gave us the number he was calling we rang from our mobiles and our house phone rang.To shorten the story, BT cancelled our 14 year line with them and gave the line to my son with a new number and failled to inform him or us of the changes. Once the problem was identified after 3 weeks of utter frustration you`d expect to sort it out fast.NOT SO FAST.

  35. I. COELHO-LUIS says:

    my son asked BT to install a new line just for him at my house.We didn`t mind.We were with talk- talk with a good deal.After about 4 days of silence from our usually busy line.[ we even joked the world had forgotten about us,] we got a call on our mobiles to say they could not get through to us on the land line.we were making outside calls and the line seemed fine.But we then called our own line and it said it had been disconnected.That was 3 weeks ago. Since then my husband has been on the phone to BT every day from 6 pm for about 3 or more hours. one department sends him to another and another and on and on…………………………….The phone actually rang last week and we said wrong number. the person called again and again. when he gave us the number he was calling we rang from our mobiles and our house phone rang.To shorten the story, BT cancelled our 14 year line with them and gave the line to my son with a new number and failled to inform him or us of the changes. Once the problem was identified after 3 weeks of utter frustration you`d expect to sort it out fast.NOT SO FAST.He is there once more been sent from one department to another and on and on……………DOES IT HAVE A SOLUTION?

  36. Helen says:

    I am on hold to BT as I write this – I have been on hold for over an hour now, for the second time today. I ordered a phone line and broadband with BT, they messed up the broadband order so I cancelled it and ordered broadband with Sky. When my sky wasn’t activated I called them and they told me BT hadn’t cancelled the order. What a surprise. They can’t even cancel something properly. They are a right bunch of monkeys. What I don’t understand is, how can people work for them if they have any self-respect whatsoever?

  37. laoi says:


    I’m living a nightmare with BT customer service. After 2 hours and 40 pounds phone charges, they still don’t know what they doing. They put me through all department, some of them was laughing on me. When you get somebody and you give your account detail, they said “You are in wrong department” and let you in queue for 10 minutes with message “We are sorry We are all busy at the moment”. Now, I starting to record it and we will see which one will look stupid!!!!!!!.

  38. Jenny says:

    Ive been on hold for the last 3 hours and 56 minutes, my cordless phone is almost out of battery. All this just to get the system pin to link my phone to the new HUB we have, which BT should have supplied us with in the first place. In total over the last few weeks my flatmates and I have spent over 14 hours on the hold!
    Its all very well telling us that they are very busy but not to give an indication as to how long you will actually sit there waiting for is mental!

  39. Hannah says:

    Having spent over 4 hours being passed around depts and having calls dropped I finally got them to connect the phone line at the flat I was moving in to. The line was connected withing 2 days as they said but the 4 hours on hold was seriously ridiculous.
    The following week went online to order a broadband connection and the wireless home hub. I received a confirmation email and a letter by post telling me broadband would be activated on Dec 12 and I should arrange for someone to be at the property between 8am-6pm on that date to sign for the hub parcel. I live alone and had to be at work so I called BT and asked them to arrange delivery to my work address a few miles away.
    Nothing came to my work address yesterday so I assumed they had still tried to deliver to my home, however when I got back there was no card etc saying they had been.
    I called BT last night to complain and they said I would have to phone the courier company. After being in a queue for an hour to the courier someone finally answered and when I gave them the package ref. I was told ‘your package didn’t go out for delivery today’. I asked why not and he didn’t know so I asked if it would be delivered the following day? I was told ‘probably’ but when I checked the delivery address BT had not given them my new work address. I gave it again and was told my work falls under another depot and that would not be possible, it would have to be delivered to my home. I got quite annoyed and explained there would be no one there during the day so could I collect it from the depot instead, which is very close by and was told that wouldn’t be possible without a delivery attempt being made first!
    After managing to convince them that tere would be no point delivering theoperator agreed and said he would pas my mobile number onto the depot and they would ring me to arrange a collection as they are open until 7pm.
    No one has rung and I will be away tomorrow for the whole weekend so it looks like I will not be able to set up internet until monday/tuesday.
    Meanwhile BT keep sending text messages to my landline informing me that my Broadband line was activated 3 days ago! Great, good on them for doing it a day early but I cannot use it with out the hub and the discs – it’s a joke!!!

  40. JON EVANS says:

    I have just sogned up with BT and a month later I decided to call caller line id, I have been calling them all week, and get fed up after waiting 2hrs inthe que,

  41. James Wiggan says:

    A warning, I moved from Virgin to BT – What a mistake I wish I hadnt ever signed up with BT, you know with virgin you can get through withing 15 mins – max, usually only 5 – its been 2 hours now on the phone and I am in there que,its very stressfull staying in a que for 2hrs, I hate BT, but I am now stuck in a year contract -please dont make th esame mistake as me.BT just dont care anymore, I could hear them lauhing at me when I complained, and then they just hung up..

  42. Annette says:

    I think we should start a self-help group for people who have been messed around by BT. I’d booked an engineer to come and reconnect a line that had been cut by my builders. At the time they were very helpful and said it could be done for free so I was quite happy. The date was booked for two weeks’ time (between 8am-1pm) and all seemed good. Later that week, it became apparent that I could actually do with the connection being done a bit earlier so called to try and get he date moved forwards. Waited on hold for an hour only to be told that the date couldn’t be moved. Wasn’t best pleased but it wasn;t he end of the world so waited patiently for the date to come.

    So today’s the day… I wait in all morning (coz I really don;t have anything better to do like earn a living or nail my head to a brick wall) but no-one shows up. At 1pm, I try to call through to find out what’s going on. I get put in that interminable queue so decide to try the faults number to see if I can get through to a person quicker… I get through to a person but they only transfer me into the interminable queue… so I decide to wait… another hour passes and eventually I get through to a person who tells me the fault is fixed. Well it can;t be coz I can see tha hanging cut cable outside the window and unless there’s been some amazing advances in technology, the phone signal can;t jump from that cable end into my house…. So After explaining this they agree to pass it on with a 48hour call-back guarnatee time… woohoo… so the fault which should have been fixed this morning won’t even be reconsidered for another two days… and then they have the gall to ask whether I was happy with the service I’d received on that call!

    So eventually I do get a call back from cust services who say they’ve passed the call onto OpenReach (which are the secret engineering army of BT which NO-ONE is allowed to talk to… ) and get told that I’ll get a text to say they’re working on it. So I get a text… referring to a different phone number?! So I call back in… and this time I rant before they even get a chance to ask all the annoying questions and that seems to work coz they offer to call me back (so at least I’m not paying for the privilege) and I get passes around and hung up on so many time that I’m practially in tears explaining the same problem for the umpteenth time… They confirm that my number has indeed been changed and that I can;t have my old number back (which is on all my business cards, letterheads, web site etc…) and when I express my extreme displeasure I get hung up on.

    They are a bunch of incompetent morons… They have a plethora of computer systems which don;t appear to talk to each other and their departments seem to work in the same way… Their staff are polite but utterly powerless to be of any use at all.

    So now I’m waiting for the special stealth engineering department to call me back to tell me when they’re going to come to fix this. The last woman I spoke to said that I didn;t need to know when they were coming since it was an “external problem” … so how exactly are they going to connect the cable into my phone socket without entering my house?!?!? SO I have to sit around all day again tomorrow and have no idea whether they are going to show up (just as they didn;t today).


  43. Mark w says:

    First of all I moved into my new home. I decided that as there is no fiber optics in my area that I need to internet through my BT line.

    I rang them up and fair enough they set me up. £125 though and I booked a day off work and nobody turned up. I have a socket in bedroom that needed linking up. What a waste of a day off work! Now, should it really cost BT £125 to setup my line?? I don’t think so, just to plug in a wire and the exchange box.

    I phoned up after about 4 and half hours of phoning waiting phoning waiting I managed to get through to someone in a call centre in India F**cin marvellous! Well to cut a long story short I was advised by a Sateesh Mohan that this was a common problem and a Mr Sateesh Mohan (supervisor)would arrange for the £125 to be waived and that was a promise. F**in lie’s where do I go from here…….

  44. At my wits end with BT says:

    I’m at my wits end with BT…

    Apparently the line’s finally been re-connected. Oh yeah? Well why can’t I phone it from the office? Oh, because the fkking idiots have changed the number. I told them FIVE TIMES to keep the number the same. It will now take SEVEN days to change it back. Seven days is that all? Well I’ve waited 28 days so far – what’s 7 more? Oh sorry to inform you sir, there’s no guarantee that once you’ve waited the 7 days that we can change it to your old number. What?!?! And not only did these dkkheads change the number when I stated not to, they didn’t even tell me (1) that it is a new number (2) what this new number is.

    The mor0n I spoke to then had the audacity to tell me “at least the broadband will be connected tomorrow”. Well what fkking good is that (if indeed it is connected) when the line has to be disconnected AGAIN to change the number back to what it was originally? I now have to wait a further 7 days to discover what they’ve screwed up next. As soon as I discover what this is, I just know I’ll be waiting for the standard 1+ hrs to be refered to someone to someone else to someone else to someone else that can’t help me and I have to wait another X days for whatever excuse they can conjure up next.

    I quote from their website: “At BT our focus is on excellent customer service. We always aim to be within easy reach and we want to make sure you get the answers you want quickly and easily.”

    Well I have to say they definitely excel. They are by far the WORST company I have ever had to deal with.

  45. Melanie says:

    I have been messed around by BT since August 2007 till today!!!!!!!!!!!! I want them dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They sent me a letter at the end of August saying that some new customer was going to take over my phone line and on the 10th of August the line would have been cut off, unless stated differently by me. So I phoned to make sure the line would not been cut off and they didn`t even know what i was talking about. No matter how many times I called and no matter how many time they promised that wouldn`t happen they cut my line off on the 10th of August.

    Then I received a bill with all the penality charges for ” having close my line and broadband”before the end of the contract!!

    I phoned again to complain ad before managing to get something out of it I have to go through rude, unwilling, incompetent, neglicent customer service operators who never knew anything about it. They said they would have looked into it and call me back, they never did. They hanged up on my face if I was sligthly upset, maybe in the enthusiasm of explain the story for the twentieth time. Eventually aftern hours of waiting at the phone I managed to have 128.48 pound credit for the charges I had to pay.

    So at that point I had the credit but no phone line. I called to get my line back and they said I had to pay 120.00 for riconnecting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tryed to explaing the story again and they wouldn`t listen, plus again phone hanged up on my face. So for the next couple of months I tried to find another phone company , but it turned out that BT was the only one able to provide the phone line in the area I live.

    Around mis December I called BT again bcause I need internet for work and obviously they said that they were sorry, but the 120.00 charge had to be paid, BUT I could have claimed my credit pf 128.48 pound in my first bill.

    The only thing I had to do is to call as soon as the engineer would have installed the new line. So I did. I talked to an Indian woman who assured me the credit would have been used, I called back again to make sure that woman did her job and this time I talked to an English wonam who assured me everything would have gone trough. Well this morning I received my first BT bill of 157.68 pound without the credit taken out.

    I just called them and I got the usual promise of a call back in the next 24 hours. I want them dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is there nothing we can do all together to make them eat some of their own shit??? there must be especially because we are soo many unhappy costumers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. madelinesmind says:

    I can’t even speak it’s been so horrendous, I’ve spoken to a total of 23 people in the last week or so to get a service that was sold incorrectly reverted back to my orginal service. It make my heart beat faster just to think about it as it has been soooo stressful. in the end what I did was get person 21 to email the names that I had and their managers, and cc: me in on the email. I then wrote a very long email to all of them and posted it as an email in the complains section on the website.

    The customer service is poor beyond belief, there are a few gems in the company but to be honest they had a very bad case of pass the buck!!! No one can help you and what is worse is that those who want to help you can’t because their logon limits what they can view and action.

    Can you believe it a complaints manager cut me off and then didn’t call me back, they are supposed to be a communications if anyone has my phone number they do!!!! LOL

    Outrageous, what’s worse is that all of our experiences seem to be the norm. So much for the worlds oldest communications company…wait for it… in the WORLD!!!!!!!

  47. Anna says:

    I am appauled by the comments that have been posted here. B.T use to provide a good service when they were a monopoly many years ago and their exorbitant prices reflected this.

    Inadequately trained part timers seems to be the norm.

    I recently got slammed by talk, talk. Like some of you my recorded letters of complaint and request for compensation were ignored until I contacted Ofcom who wrote to them on my behalf. This resulted in a call from the chief executive and my mobile costs of £20.00.

    I urge people not to suffer in silence – refuse to hang on the phone line for more that 10 minutes. Put everything requests as well as complaints in writing, let B.T know that you have sent copies to watchdog and Ofcom. Make some noise and get heard.

  48. Mark Shaw says:

    They are terrible aren’t they!
    I was so sick to death of BT that I set up a BT Complaints blog where anyone can submit their BT Complaint online. I will put all these into a report and send off for investigation and also a response from BT as their service is becoming worse.

    Read the hundreds of BT complaints I have received so far and submit your own BT Complaint:

  49. jonathan says:

    Yep, BT suck. Have now been on hold for 35 mins. One good thing though, I’m trying to get through to get my migration code so I can finally leave them, hoorah!!!

    Anyone thinking of signing up, don’t, you WILL regret it.

  50. Jodie Shaw says:

    Hi there. You are not alone rest assured!
    I came across this BT Complaint blog:

    It literally has 100’s of BT Complaints during 2007 and 2008.
    Its a good place to read other peoples BT problems and a place where you can send in your complaints rather than wasting your time with BT Customer Service who I found to be a complete waste of time.

  51. Raglan Tenant [sheltered hsng] says:

    Usual BT cock up is happening here, the Manager’s and several of the tenants phones disconnected. Usual excuses including BT does not mantain lines over weekend. Of course the Friday connection has not happened.

  52. RONNIE says:

    try bein on the other side of things you bunch of gurny moaning fuckers!!!!

    • John says:

      One of the overpaid underworked tossers working for BT are you Ronnie. I’ve yet to see a BT worker with an IQ higher than his shoe size. Now go and boil your head you lazy useless arsewipe

  53. Danielle Woolcott-King says:

    I have been trying to get my phoneline installed since the beginning of Dec. The first engineer turned up fine but couldnt install my line as it had been cut by the builders who renovated my flat before I moved in. he organised for a surveyor to come round to work out where they could run the new line in from. So far so good. Or so you’d think. What has followed this is 6 weeks of continual missed appointments (6 so far) the same customer service hell as everyone else has reported here. Constant phonecalls being passed between customer service and the faults team (who cant do anything as I dont have a line yet for there to be a fault on), being cut off is generally the inevitable end to these calls. PLUS I have been issued with a bill of 125 for the installation and my first months line rental…. They’ve got me over a barrel cos I’m not in an area covered by virgin so I have no choice.

  54. JD says:

    I transferred to BT business early this year because I wanted a static IP. They subscribed me to business and residential — didn’t give me a business line. You cannot talk to this company to get anything resolved. You can make a complaint but here I am in September. I have given up phoning. Their charges have almost bankrupted me. I am being charged now for a mobile I have not had for a year, residential when I do not have a residential line. Four hours I spent one day trying to get this sorted to no avail. I have realised finally that the only way to get simple customer service is to take them to court. I am putting together a county court summons now apart from a complaint to OFCOM. I am quite familiar with ISP problems having dealt with AOL (twice) and Bulldog (now Verizon). BT are by far the worst. This is the state of Digital Britain. Apalling.

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    BT are ridiculous, I setup a BT complaints site after receiving terrible customer service over 4 years ago and since then have received hundreds of complaints from people that I share on the site. Here is the site:

    You are not alone!

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