Ne Le Dis A Personne

I went to see Ne Le Dis A Personne (Tell No One) last night. If I could write film reviews, I’d write one. But I can’t. So I’ll just say that I thought it was really good. So go see it.

In other news, looks like The Modern Blue is coming to an end. Roger has decided (and probably for the best) that it’s not really worth continuing given Nick’s departure and I think he’s going to stick to performing solo, which is probably what he does best anyway.

It means I’m thinking about a new band though. I’m still playing with Sagrenti although things are moving at a slowish pace – which is to be expected when everybody has a job (or PhD in my case) and other commitments. We’re still looking for a singer too. So, given that, I probably have time for something new šŸ™‚ Tempted to try playing rock again. If I could find something that’s going to be good, tight, exciting and with a decent singer and drummer. Hmmm.

Or I could start up doing music production again. Hmmm. I’ve been having fun working on new versions of some AlKandAlC classics while Al K is still in the States. Hmmm.

Anyway, I’d better go get a bite to eat, I’m off to some talks in the Experimental Psychology Meeting this afternoon. Should prove interesting šŸ™‚

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