Three Reviews

Spiderman 3: Good to watch if your flatmate has booked the living room for the evening and your local cinema has incredibly comfy sofas to sit on. Otherwise, don’t bother. 3/5 with comfy seat, 2/5 otherwise.

Cimematic Orchestra – Ma Fleur: The first track is very Coldplay-ish. Which is a big negative if you’re me. But the album gets considerably better after that, although not as moodly as “Every Day,” which is an awesome album. 3/5. It would probably have been 4/5 if they dropped the Chris Martin soundalike and stuck with what makes the band great.

Benny Tetteh-Lartey and the Afro-Scot Beat: Yeah, I know, reviewing a gig I played in. But hey, the main thing I wanted to say was how great the support acts were. And to Benny’s credit, our part of the show was the most polished I’ve been involved in recently, which made a nice change đŸ™‚

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