Last Night’s Blue Wednesday

It seems we’re slowly getting better at working the Forest PA and whatnot. Still miss having monitors but you can’t have everything. 🙂 Anyway:

Thanks to Roger for continuing to organise the night. thanks to Anna for playing, great set although I personally preferred the out of tune Forest piano you used last time to the keyboard you used this time. It gave it a certain charm… Thanks to the guy who came up to me to tell that theAlKandAlC cover of Billie Jean was one of the covers he’s heard (I’ll have to try and upload a recording of it one day soon). Only around about 5 months until we can play it again! Woo.

The Emmerson, Trepka and Clarke stage of the gig went ok I guess. I can more or less play all the tunes I think (still need my blue shiney book as a memory aid though) but, at least from my point of view, they’re all very unploished. A drummer would probably help. And in the meantime, I guess we’ll all just have to listen to each other more. Still early days though…


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