Keeping The Ball Rolling

Early Tuesday morning. Thought I had better make sure I got in to the lab first thing, as I spent yesterday working from home. Easily did as much work as I usually get done in the lab (and had fun with analytically maths stuff andLaTeX , ah, so much easier than MS Word). I’ve also upgraded to shiny new Windows Vista. Mainly because I’ve just got a new computer and thought it would sense to upgrade the OS now rather than having to do it latter when I have more programmes and files and am generally busy. Anyway, it went smoothly enough, although I’m not sure if it likes Cubase’s USB dongle.

On a music front, the band formally known as Pretty Sound are going pretty well. Working on a fun 8 track set, hopefully get some gigs soon. And Emmerson, Clarke and Trepkahave started recording. Or at least, Emmerson and Trepka have. Clarke will record the bass parts himself once the guitar parts are down.

And the final exciting news is that I’m getting better at playing my Warr guitar again! I bought an e-book with hundreds of chord shapes. Made a start trying to practise playing them and remembering where they all are.

Righteo, off back to work. 🙂

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